1.T 2.H O M E R 3.S
4.P 5.M O    R E    E    E
6.A D 7. D    U    U 8.G R    A B 9.  S    A
   N 10.I   N    D E    E 11.D    L 12.K I   D    S
   T    M     R    T      E    C
   S 13.W     E     A    L T    H 14.T   R   E    A   T
     I     S    Y     C    P
15.U 16.P   E     T    T Y     H 17.R    E 18.D
19.S      P   I C      E     I 20.B     E      I
     H 21.C   0   0     L     S      E
     E     U 22.F    O   O      T
23.B   L      A   M E 24.S 25.F   U     R
     E      V      A      L 26.G
27.T   R      A   P      L      A      A 28.N
     L 29.T      E   A    R      S 30.S      T     O
    R 32.H 33.A R      M 34.H   A    M
    A     N      U      E    A
35.W      I L T     T 36.G   L     A      R   E    D
    N 37. A     S

Crossword based on lessons 10, 11,  & 12


2.   Baseball score
5.   Plus
6.   Opposite of subtract
8.   Up for __________ (available)
10. Truely
12. Jokes
13. Riches
14. Present
16. Small or insignificant
17. a color
19. Excitement, zest
21. Stylish
22. Soccer to the French
23. She ________ Larry for our losing 
the contract.
25. Animal hair
27. Capture
29. "Blood, Sweat, and _______" 70s Rock Band
32. Hurt or injure
34. Pork
35. Lack zing or freshness
36 Stared angrily
37. __ quiet __ a mouse (same word)



1. Not false
2. "as ___________ as a horse" 
(in good shape)
3. Ocean view
4. Breathes heavily or trousers
5. His name is ____. (in disgrace)
7. Poorly lit
9. "Joseph has an eye for portraits; he
___________faces well."
11. "It is time for __________ action! 
Why don't we panic?"
13. "You have nothing to be happy 
about!_____ that smile off your face."
15. Violent disruption
18. Starve yourself
20. Fuzzy, not clear
23. "How much do you want to 
_____?" (wager)
24. a markdown
25. Camera accessory
26. Bring
28. Aimless traveler
29. Choo Choo
30. Too self satisfied
33. Insects who like to live in colonies

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