1. What does it mean when we say that someone is a ham?
C That they overact or behave in a overly theatrical way
Sightlines has historically been a problem in theater. The larger the venue the harder it is to see the expressions on the actors faces.
This is why in greek theatre the actors wore masks. With the introduction of lighting came even more problems. Footlights coming from
 below tended to wash out the actors features. Makeup in the form of Greasepaint was the answer. Greasepaint originally in the form of sticks
was applied to the actors faces. It was made from animal fat primarily pig fat or Ham. It was very thick and smelly. (Only later was it turned into a cream by Max Factor in Holloywood.) Thus, when someone says that performance was hammy they are refering to old style stage makeup.

2. Which of the following means that more than one person is at fault?
C  It takes two to tango  This seems obvious to understand, you can not have an arguement or fight without two participants.

3. Which of the following means that you should not make a decision too early or
before all the acts are presented?
A It ain't over till the fat lady sings
In Opera the show is never over till the last aria by the diva. These sopranos tended to be heavyset.

                (Fill in the blanks)

4. It is amazing, Bill Clinton has   _____________ his way out of the situation, again.
C tapped danced
D shlepped
Tap dancing requires intricate  and precise steps and often to dance around objects. By tap dancing out of a situation means that
you cleverly avoid the problem. A schlep: a boring or difficult journey  so shlepped would me to escape painfully and slowly.

5.  Before you perform Shakespeare's Macbeth, I'd just like to say that I hope that you ________________________.
B break a leg
To superstituous thespians to say "good luck" would be easiest way to curse the production. Since talented understudies often got their chance
when something unforntunate happened to the star: like she broke her leg. Therefore to wish good fortune to a troupe you say Brake a Leg.
(No, not just in the Theatre of the Absurd.)

6. Suzanne is always _____________  Robert, he has got to be more assertive and dynamic.
A upstaging
To upstage someone means to come between them and the audience, hence eclipsing them.

7.  I know that you'd like Ben to be less clumsy, but you have to understand that he was born ________________.
D with two left feet
This is because in a right handed world we have come to expect that doing things from the left or sinister side would be ackward.

8. Which of the following means repeat what you just said:
A Say what?
B Run that by me again.
C Could you reiterate that?
D Excuse me?
E all of the above
Run that by me again means to replay the tape or film.
                (Fill in the blanks)

9. Go up and take __________ ; your presentation was fabulous.
B a curtain call.  At the end of a show the actors especially the star come downstage in front of the audience to take their bows to the sounds of appaluse.

10. I really like being __________; I find all the attention flattering.
A in the limelight
D in the spotlight
Limelight was a earlier form of stage lighting that used a flame. A spotlight is a beam of light that focuses on an actor to hightlight his performance.

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