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The Totally Unorthodox English Teacher
Welcome to my collection of lessons, quizzes and articles. Since 1995 when the students kidded me on the quality of my school webpage I have been trying to improve my cyberskills, without much success. Initially the picture on my left should display what my family looked like when I first came to France. If you put the mouseover you'll see us at 3 and then now when the family is at 5 and climbing. I hope you like my site. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at yukna(at) or yuknachris(at)

A Harry Potter Quiz!
It's not hard at all if you have seen the
film or read the book
harry potter (Click on the picture to take the quiz)
Here now: Harry Cards!! At last!
The Real Story of Cinderella
  A Fill in the Blanks E-mail Test Try it and see what your score is with an e-mail! 

 If you have problems with the vocabulary try this test first.

  Kay, Gerda, and the Snow Queen and a vocabulary quiz are now on line.

Lesson IV  Vocabulary quiz to prepare for "Our Time at the Mast"  (Crash, stern, range, idle, lull, bake rather, mild, storm, blame) Related Questions

Our Time at the Mast by Jason and the Argonaut

What's new:

Common Medical Terms Grid

Invention & Discovery Grid

Words you often find when applying for an auto loan.

The Gruffalo Quiz for young learners

Abundance when to use all, any, every,
& each

Narnia: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe 
a reading comprehension quiz from the first chapter of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe By CS Lewis

Medical Breakthroughs an information dense visual cognitive aid. There are discussion questions on the teacher's notes page.

Halloween Associated Words Grid
see if you can connect the words in the wall and solve this spooky brain teaser

Some Toeic Vocabulary 
see if you or your students know these words merge, bond, fan, had it with, trails, dam, turnout, duty, debit

Creative Problem Solving (three year old style) This reading comprehension exercise tells a harrowing tale of  little kids derringdo.

Human Microbiota Ten questions on the surprising symbiotic relations between indigenous flora and our bodies

The Letter Game a interesting ESL improve exercise for those who aren't used to mixing theatre and ESL in the classroom

Oral Comprehension: Questions  on Animals and Plants

 Test how well your students understand the spoken word with these simple questions on the world around us.

The Liar's Quiz Acting is in some respects all about lying well. Do you know how to lie?
Inventor's Quiz a very dense quiz that has some surprising results
Power Word Vocabulary Quiz see if you know all the CV power words and how to use them

TOEIC Exercises

TOEIC Nuances
The Fake TOEIC Test neither endorsed nor approved by anyone!

Theater Exercises
Drama related stuff
The 7th Art Digitalized  dedicated to the 21st century Art: Digital Film Making
Play: 7th Art Bingo view the digital skills of your theater class. Sally's Trip Abroad    a series of short sketches about the misadventures of our young heroine and her aunt and grandmother. This is especially good for theatre classes where the girls out number the boys. More of Sally's Trip Abroad yes she's back along with Grandma, Agnes, and Nicole. Read this play and you 
may learn a little French along the way.

Invisible :Ghost,  Man, and the Semi Invisible Man

Pair Work The Breakfast Club (Welcome to Acting Class) your students write a short short sketch and then act it out with one slight difference the motives are not the same.
Cain & Abel Replay the murder of Abel. Difficult and emotional
Robot Anxiety Two students get to act out this short scene.
Based on the idea of the Turing test. (funny)
Improv Pairs impossible situations for your students to work themselves out of . Loosely based on the vocabulary from the TOEIC test, believe it or not. Beware & depositor;
Believer & doubter; Professor & student; Waiter & annoying client; Parent, Child & doctor
More Improv Pairs  Salesman & Executive Assistant; Reluctant Bank Robber & Teller; Mad City Guide, No nonsense business exec & tourists from??

Boys and Girls create a conversation from this fill in the blanks quiz and play it in front of the class.
The Liar's Quiz Acting is in some respects all about lying well. Do you know how to lie?
The Letter Game a interesting ESL improve exercise for those who aren't used to mixing theatre and ESL in the classroom
Introductions and Ice Breakers
Introductions This is a good way to get to know the students in your first or second class
Body Sculpture Have the students review the parts o the body first. I often use a crossword puzzle of the parts of the body before attempting this exercise
Body Parts A quick crossword puzzle and some expressions that have to do with parts of the body
The Catwalk 
The students line up in two rows.
The corridor between them is thus the runway. The students must then learn to use their bodies to express themselves

The Difference Between the Sexes
This is an interesting exercise. You must divide the class into small all male or all female groups (2 to 4 
per group is ideal). Then you give them one of these two pages to complete. Dogs & Cats

Of course you can always give your students 
 Sex Quiz for Dummies. a light look at recent scientific findings on the difference between men and women
 Sex Quiz  Answer Key  You  really must go here to read the detailed explanations of the sex quiz for dummies. Each short question and answer is explained in a a paragraph
 Sex Quiz Teacher's Notes
More suggestions on  how to use the SQD;-))
Sex quotes Here are some famous quote on the subject of the differences between the sexes.

Robot Scenes      The Perfect Mate   The Baby sitter   Women in Science Write your own skit. Choose one of these three ideas and run with it.

Transformations  in a similar vein to robot scenes. Mad Science at it's best! It's Just Biological,Tax Time, Does Bond Have to Do This Sort of Thing?, Internet and You,Time Travel, Great Debate

TOEFL Man's favorite intellectual challenge!

While it maybe hard to believe, many of my former students swear that one of the easiest ways to
study for the Toefl is to play computer video games. The game most cited is Civilization II,
with its complex vocabulary and difficult game plan (you have to take a civilization from the
caves to spaceflight) it has been said that after playing Civilization II the Toefl is a breeze.
Here is something not quite as serious:
TWAFL (This one takes a long time to load.)

40 Grammar Questions (Just like the real TOEFL) With projected scores!
TOEFL GRAMMAR The is the first test I wrote that gives you a score on the grammar section.  Fuel's TOEFL a grammar test with forty questions loosely based on an article in wired magazine 
Hours of Fun. 

A Boston Toefl Exam    This test incorporates lots of fun facts about Boston and Massachusetts

Reading Comprehension for the TOEFL Astrobiology 101 Is there Life on planets orbiting red dwarf stars: What kind of creatures might develop around a small red star?  Rich diverse science vocabulary combined with all the imagination that come with xenobiology. University Vocabulary for the TOEFL
What a lot of people forget is that the TOEFL is designed to see if you can survive in college in the United States and that the TOEFL is not simply a test of your English ability. Here are some tests by Liliane Bois-Simon that help illustrate this fact :
Test One : to hand in, to major, to hit the books...
Test Two : prize, scratch paper, deadline, etc
A Toefl Parody
Toefl Lives Imagine if you will that the TOEFL test really measures how we speak English.
Repeat Offenders mistakes my students make often

Dictation: (These pages use sound) 
(Homographs) (words spelled the same but pronounced differently) 
Good News & Bad News

A special  guest lesson from

More TOEFL Vocabulary:
Vocabulary Gleaned from the TOEFL , yes here are some words often found in the oral comprehension  part of the TOEFL
Fairly difficult
Toefl Synonyms Abject, Acrid, Dribble, Dilapidated, Emancipate, Fastener, Fitting, Fund, Fizz  (fairly difficult)
Toefl Antonyms tiny, upgraded, demoralize, prone, nearby, bedazzle foremost, clever, carve, swift 
Toefl Elimination 
Select the word that does not match. Interesting  quiz pedagogically.  make known, expand, feast, disperse, gift covering, subsidy, concede, match, collide
Toefl Opposites
perplex, shield, musty,conscript, inherent, revere, grueling, hybrid,flawed, painstaking (hard)
  Choose the synonym closest in meaning,
  (20 questions in all)

Son of TOEFL This is an attempt to imitate the oral aspect of the TOEFL using the voices of my students.
You can use your students to do the same thing. 1. Have them record in .wav format the speeches found here in voices with the same name as given. 2. put all of their voices in the same file as a copy of the Son of TOEFL page. You're in business.

Toefl grammar exercises:

Using Aside, Besides, etc. + Make & Do
Still and Yet
So, Too, & Enough
The Article "the"
Sensible and Sensitive
    ( alike, unlike, dislike, like, likeness sensible, sensitive, practice, play )

Nursing and Medical Vocabulary

Take a walk with the Interns listen to the phrases and choose the photo that best corresponds.

Hospital Corners: Read a short story on the future of surgery.


The  Design of English
A collection of essays and exercises that are not necessarily grammar exercises but do shed some light on how English is put together. There will be some things on the history or origin of words as well as new techniques to use in the classroom

Writing Scientific English       Here is the secret to the incomprehensible
How to Creatively Use Scientific English to Get Around Budgetary Constraints
Embarrassing English Perhaps it would be better to title this page improper or slightly impolite English. A scatological exploration of the English language. Learn the words that the textbooks leave out.Yes, finally everyday common words that will never appear on the TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT, or LSAT!

Compound Words
Early American English   A witty look at how the American  English language has changed since Colonial times.

Evolving English a quiz to see if you know how the English Language has changing over time.

Fruits and Vegetables
Expressions, idioms, and sayings from the fields of dance and theater.
Where to put things. Two little pages with lots of synonyms for behind, under, over, etc..
Crazy Room I
Crazy Room II

Dictation: Fruits

Basic GIMP Vocabulary
This opens an interesting way to immerse your students in English. GIMP portable can be installed in English on a Thumb drive or USB key and brought to the computer lab by your students. Ten simple English words are highlighted that comprise many of the controls or tools included in this software. Corresponding answer key

Associated Word Grid Game
A really fun way to get those neurons working in English class. With explanations on how to create others.

Using Tables
Here is a very interesting lesson I call the grid. You ask your students to go around the room and see if they can get bingo. Only one question at a time to each student. When some one has won ask your students to form  a circle and read the first square. If the student has done for example swum in the Atlantic then those students step into the circle. Then you go to the next square and repeat. It is a nice way to get to know what your students have done in their life or how talented they are.
Here is another one. One that I constantly have to update is the New Technology Grid.

Idea Cards
Print these pages. Then either give out the page as pairwork or cut these questions out and distribute 
them like cards to small groups to discuss. At the end of the exercise it is a good idea to summarizes what the groups have determined 
Here are two sets loosely based on the question what is the future of Education:

Set I & Set II

Twenty First Century Design Topics

Creative Writing
Exercises that should help the creative juices flowing

Get the News Out  Computer generated mishmash see if your students can make a tale out of this collection of gooblygoop. Fanny's Dilemma Usually you read the story and then answer questions, here the questions are first and then it's up to you to write the tale!

Term Paper Ideas: Do your students submit boring uninteresting term papers and book reports?
Perhaps if they read
The Top Ten Dossier (or Term Paper) Subjects Never Submitted 
they'd change their tunes.

Telephone pairwork: ordering takeout Pizza Shack and Sub shop
 Powerpoint Nights a modern fable for those who use powerpoint written by one of my former students The Wobbling Bear Legal Vocabulary words and phrases often used in courtrooms today
Some Simple Questions to Test Comprehension
Category: Nature

Words often confused in dossiers and term papers Sleepless You know perhaps your students are just too tired to work well. Find out if it's their fault. Make them take this test.
Dungeon Vocabulary What with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being so popular, maybe it's time to brush up on your Fantasy vocabulary.

Material Science Vocabulary(Engineer Talk)

Pilot Talk all sorts of avionic lingo and terms

Holiday Stuff A Halloween Quiz Check out your scary vocabulary and monster lore
If you get stuck the answers are all in white (hint, hint)

Halloween Associated Words Grid
see if you can connect the words in the wall and solve this spooky brain teaser

Anna belle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe
The Jabberwocky from Alice Through the Looking Glass (Unfinished)

The 7th Art Digitalized a new site dedicated to the 21st century Art: Digital Film Making Play: 7th Art Bingo view the digital skills of your theater class.  A Coloring Book for my daughter

Some Toeic Vocabulary 
see if you or your students know these words merge, bond, fan, had it with, trails, dam, turnout, duty, debit

hercules Herculean Vocabulary Builder Here are twelve lessons to develop your student's vocabulary. A lot of the these words are use in standardized test like the TOEFL or the TOEIC. There are over one hundred everyday words included with related exercises for each lesson. This is an on going project so please excuse anything that is not yet working. Hercules had 12 trials to perform, why not your students? 

Lesson I (stare, fancy, trust, fold, reluctant, quick, pretend, waste, miss, around)Related Questions
Lesson II        (tall, afraid, sloppy, nevertheless, bite, thorough, chores, share, starve, crumbs)
Lesson III  (ample, struggle, cheat, sneak, lift, plump, weary, thrive, scold, crawl )Related Questions
Lesson IV  Vocabulary quiz to prepare for "Our Time at the Mast"  (Crash, stern, range, idle, lull, bake rather, mild, storm, blame) Related Questions

Our Time at the Mast by Jason and the Argonauts
Review Quiz for the first four lessons (print form only) Level: difficult 
 Lesson V 
Vocabulary quiz to prepare for "The winetaster's Tale "(Accomplish, Feel, Crack, Decent, Slight, Applied, Tough, Eager, Overlook, Pinch)
The Winetaster's Tale
What really happened to Cinderella.
Lesson VI  ( Beg, Itch, Limp, Sore, Switch, Pattern, Stale, Despite, Drought, Frown)
Lesson VIII (Praise, Enroll, Fuss, Span, Curtain, Claim, Bone, Draw, Hire, Shade)
Lesson X There is audio on this page (Netscape only, sorry) the words: 
Indeed, Drastic, Grab, Bet, Health, Wealth, Upheaval, Spicy, Wipe, Blame Lesson XI (Gather Smug, Nomad, Blur, Sale, Flash, Fur, Mud, Landscape, Sketch
Lesson XII
Vocabulary quiz to prepare for Kay, Gerda and the Snow Queen (Glare, Dim, Treat, Wilt, Diet, Tears, Kid, Harm)   Kay, Gerda, and the Snow Queen  
Which is a fill in the blanks email quiz loosely based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson.

Review Crossword Puzzle (using the vocabulary from lessons 10, 11, &12) 

Hint: if you select the crossword puzzle you will see the answers for I wrote them in white letters.
(It prints better in Netscape.)

Reading Exercises and Related Quizzes

Here are quite a few chapters and stories from famous authors. What is nice about these exercises is
that you introduce your students to copyright free on-line books. I have stocked the texts here, however
the entire book exists out on the web and is theirs to read in its entirety.
1. The first chapter of Dracula by Bram Stoker
The Dracula quiz.
2. Chapter 3 and 4 of Princess of Mars
Princess of Mars quiz 3. The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe
MRM quiz 4. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow . By Washington Irving
Some Vocabulary From The Legend of Sleepy Hollow : This is a quiz which will take you directly to
the story once you have gotten a perfect score.The Reading Comprehension Quiz for LSH .
5. Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott 
Talk about strange worlds. You should read this one yourself before you send your students. 
First a Vocabulary Quiz to take you there 
Then a little exam to see if you understood what you read. 
6. The Red headed League By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
A Vocabulary Quiz to take you there 
Little Exam to see if you understood what you read.
7. Forging the Dragonslayer an article in Wired Magazine. Some Questions to see if you understood what you read.
A related quiz: Forging the Dragon's Bane this is some technical terms that go quite well with the study of Material Science.

Questions for O. Henry's A Ransom for Red Chief By Susan GUILLAUMOND
If you can't find the O. Henry story I've got a copy here:
The Ransom of Red Chief

Narnia: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe 
a reading comprehension quiz from the first chapter of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe By CS Lewis 
Yes, there remains some years left on the copyright but this book is in many Libraries and the films make it very popular with students.

Harry Potter:The Philosopher's Stone Normally, I don't put any materials nor make any lessons where you are obliged to buy a product. Harry Potter is the exception.
There if you want to use any of the quizzes you'll have to ask your students to buy the book.

Chapter One: Vocabulary Quiz for The Boy Who Lived & Little Exam to see if you understood what you read. Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass here is a quiz to help you with the vocabulary found in The Vanishing Glass
(Yes there is one chapter for each of the Harry Potter Books on line for free.)
Vanishing Glass Questions to see if you understood what you read. And the teacher's notes for the Vanishing Glass Questions

Chapter Three: Letters from No One Questions to see if you understood what you read. And the teacher's notes for Letters from No One. Chapter Four:Keeper of the Keys Questions to see if you understood what you read. And the teacher's notes for Keeper of the Keys

Political Terms: deadlock, mandate, rhetoric, impeach, graft, grassroots, keynote, vanguard, earmark

Political Vocabulary:: swing, pork barrel, filibuster, reactionary, radical, spin, incumbent, dark horse, photo op, lobby, lame duck

Political Phrases deregulation, caucus,special interests,electoral college, recall election,welfare state, market forces, privatization, fourth estate

Computer English Version 1.01
Some vocabulary quizzes that let you know where the technospeak is going 
NetSlang cul8er, lol, smilelies
HyperActive Jargon
Son of Jargon
Modernspeak Isn't modern life funny? Take a peek at how the world and our language is changing. 

Techy Talk As technology creates words
Technogrid How to judge the technological savvy or your students, teachers or employees.

Diablious Ex Machina A modern story for our times.  What if the devil were altruistic?

Sci-Fi Stuff
(A favorite for engineering students)

Space Opera English (Star Trek)
Star Chris
a script from long ago and far away
Robot Vocabulary
A Vocabulary Quiz from my story Junkyard Park The French Olympics: find out how the French win all the gold medals at the Olympics. Now that's real science fiction!
Have your students read
this aloud like a radio play.
Robot Anxiety Two students get to act out this short sketch based ob the Turing test.
Good Friday :
A story about a robot priest named Henri.   Foreword  Story   Epilog

Teddy Bear Planet : an interesting tale of stuffed animals conquering the universe
Play Sci-fi charades with computers or print the cards and have fun.
Remember the rules are for you to decide. People have used these cards for games like pictionary, mimes, or even with modeling clay.
The Anti-Gravity Vehicle ... An entire marketing strategy must be outlined, from industry use to customer demand. A sales presentation and ad campaign should be plotted as well.

Crime Stuff

Crime and Punishment        Vocabulary Test 
Crime and Punishment II     Vocabulary Test 
The Round table Game So you want a fast game, with no preparation and that lasts ten minutes or so:  
Driver Training is an interesting little case in problem solving. Try presenting the case orally. 
Courtroom Vocabulary do you need to brush up on the vocabulary used in a courtroom before you write a courtroom scene in a murder trial. Look no further, this is what you are looking for. Everything you need to host your own murder trial in your classroom (vocabulary wise) 
Make sure you check out the bonus questions in the 100% score. 
The Crime Grid is interesting as well. Can anyone be innocent? What we do if computers catch our every misdemeanor?

Logical Puzzles
Diplomacy     so hard it hurts. 
Logic  a little discourse on logic and some exercises .
Conundrum    The trouble with tics, just who is telling the truth?
Logical Fallacies Argument from doubtful or unidentified sources, Non Sequitur (It does not follow), Either or Reasoning, Begging the Question or Circular Logic , Oversimplified or Over generalized, Argument ad Hominem (attack the man),Post Hoc, Proper Hoc (after this, therefore this)
The X-Files Invisible animals on the loose? The secret? Think Elephant

Science and Nature

Animal ID : Audio work, listen to the clue and choose the correct animal 
Animal ID but with pictures, not completed at this time

Oral Comprehension  :Questions  on Animals and Plants

Business English

The Ad Campaign  Explore the world of advertising English and deal with the changes of the message as your students change media. Draw an offbeat product or a serious one on a piece of paper. If you are stuck for ideas here are a few to get you started:

Some things at our school:

Liliane Bois Simon has an interesting CV Workshop.
Paul Wheal (The Dean of English at ESC the other Grand Ecole on Cours Fauriel
Has put together a nifty case study for groups of four students to work on
He calls it Holiday Package

Would you like to work on you Oral Comprehension? Try listening to the BBC and taking some quizzes to see if you
understand at: Lori Wagoner's Oral Comprehension Page.

Other Locations Other Projects

Science General a new website for the natural philosopher in you
Many difficult science quizzes are  available
but for engineering students mainly: like:
Chemical Elements Quiz
Chemical and Physical Properties of Water Quiz 

Scientific English with two quizzes on cosmetics:
Lipstick Quiz
Skincare Quiz Just what is in those creams anyway? Answer key.
and another odd water quiz Anomalous Water Quiz More on that common yet least understood liquid  Answer key

A virtual CD for Professors since I know that teachers are poor as church mice
and honest as the day is long I've tried to imagine what I could put on a CD
that was free or at least free to use.

Joe the Dogman A lot of people confuse me with my brother Joseph Yukna who trains dogs on Cape Cod.
He's younger, I'm smartah.
My father in law tells stories of Cournon France, where he grew up. (He does not speak any English) My Cousin Walter is in the rock village band
Stories in French: In Gamete
Junkyard Parc

My Alumni Page Here is were you can see what my former students are doing now.
My Friends Here are some of my friends on the web.
I wish I had time to list them all.
The CyberNautilus
Take a test drive on one of the strangest science search sites ever
Navigate through cyberspace in the search for Science!

Advanced Web Page Workshop several short lessons to make you a web wizard!

My Articles On-Line:
The Cyber Renaissance of EFL, ESL and TESOL
Open versus Closed School Policy
New Trends in Our Daily Lives
The Transparent School and the French version L'ecole transparente
"Building the Renaissance Engine" was accepted at
Conference on Philosophy of Mind, Artificial
Intelligence (AI)

even better I co-chaired a track

Alternative Science: This is where I've earned the reputation for being offbeat.
Talk about weird science.

Beta version of an abstract Earth's Magnetic field and Kirlian Photography

"2Bar Theory" Did half our atmosphere disappear with the dinosaurs?
"Why is Mars Dry?" , is water from outer space?
"Alzheimer's, Acid Rain, and Aluminum" Is Beryllium the real cause of Alzheimer s

"The Original Water Cycle" Atmospheric source for water?
Dinosaur Mysteries an alternative answer to all the curious puzzles of the Mesozoic.
Canadian Fishing at the Grand Banks, Zebra Mussels, and Iron's Effect on Plankton

Post a comment in my blog societé galactique?

Science Conferences, Congresses, and Symposiums

The Kahula Project
How to search 
English, German, Spanish 
Copy this page and give it to a friend. Make this the start up page in your Language Lab. 

A Newsgroup at Yahoo
come in and join.
This is a place where we Teachers and students can discuss, point out interesting websites, swap photos and files.

The Quote Machine
Jazz up your reports with the wisdom of the ages. 
Laugh, cry... it is worth the click. 

A part of Kahula Project since its inception. 

Kahula Webtools
One stop optimizing tools for teachers who would like to know how to promote their websites

Take a test drive on one of the strangest science search sites ever
Navigate through cyberspace in the search for Science!
Wordelizer is up and running 
Confuse with some tech words? Want your students to write a rap song or some poetry?  Go here and select the proper dictionary. 
A part of Kahula Project since December 17th 2000 
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