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Instructions: usually your professor assigns you to read a story and then asks you (the students) a bunch silly questions basically to be sure that you did the assignment and make sure that you understood what you read. Here we do it do
it differently. Here are the questions that would have been given to you if you had READ the story, however you must instead WRITE the story. Good luck authors.

Fanny's Dilemma

1. Why was it five o'clock in the morning when Fanny returned to the dorms at St. Etienne?

2. What was said by the coffee machines and by who?

3. How did Fanny react when she first found the... well you know what ? What were some of the first things that she did?

4. What made you, the reader, think that someone was playing a joke?

5. Where and what on Earth was the Rotonde?

6. Which of the boys was not real? ... or was he?

7. Who was Mystero and what role did he/she play in the story?

8. Julien seemed shocked or decidedly odd when he first spoke to Fanny, why?

9. Why did Fanny decide to go down to the basement and what did she bring with her?

10. What things could Fanny have done differently?

11 Did she consider any of those other alternatives?

12. What happend to Julien?

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