The Friends of Europe

The Quadro's  Introduction: a blight on our landscape.
Allied Industries is once again trying to pull a fast one. By working in secret on a huge commercial project they hope to introduce a device that will change our civilization forever without any opposition.
The is no question that big business and multinationals are out to make mounds of money quick.
Again there are only a few people looking out for the little guys and Mother Nature. The first of these machines are set to roll off assembly lines in as little as six months. A monstrous advertising and marketing campaign is planned.

You and your colleagues are lawyers who represent the Friends of Europe, an environmental action group. Within the last few months the Friends of Europe have learned that Allied Industries, a huge multi-national is planning the introduction of a new product called the "Human Enhancer" or the Quadro and much to your horror you have learned that it is unsafe and pollutes.

The only way that you can see of stymieing Allied Industries is to bring a class action suit against that company in the name of all the future victims of this newfangled technology.

What follows is your brief:

Facts on Your Side:

With all this money going in to sell the Quadro it is unlikely that any rational decision can be made when the apparatus is on sale. What you must do is conduct a preemptive strike and stop this hazardous Quadro in its tracks before it is too late. And detrimental is exactly what it is!

Even Allied Industries admits that if introduced at expected levels( the Quadro will kill, on average Thirty five people a day in a country like  France.In America you can multiply that number by five.(A peril widespread! It has been projected that almost every home in France will have at least one and Americans more) 
If this device is introduced in North America hundreds of people a day will be killed.
Perhaps just as frightening, if the history of industrial accidents and past insurance claims is  any judge of what will follow: the number of people severely injured and maimed will be ten times the number of accidental deaths. Who will pay for  this loss of life and happiness?

At your request Greenscience executed an environmental impact study on the long term effects of the Quadro. Because the Quadro has not been released yet 
Greenscience had to agree to a total blackout on any technical details on this new product.  Still what they found is disturbing; here are their findings on th projected use of the Quadro in our country:

True, Quadro could be considered as somewhat less polluting than existing technology, but often several Quadros will be needed to replace one unit of the time honored technology. Moreover, the Quadros are to be more in demand thus increasing the number of users. Their conclusion: individually the Quadros pollute less, but when you look at the whole picture they will pollute more.

Not only will there be more pollution but many new chemicals will be introduced into the environment. None of their effects on plant and animal life has been studied, at least not in these quantities. Like the computer industries of today the quadro will have the look of "high tech" which will blind many to the enormous dumping of chemicals into the countryside.


Like Microsoft the "Human Enhancer" has a slight but significant technological advantage. Its introduction will replace at east four traditional industries. These older industries at present employ more people than Quadro will, at least during the first ten years of its use. Yet the stated "goal" Allied Industries is to increase employment.
Loss of an firm, say a textile mill, means more than just the loss of that firm. All of the people who service and supply the company will also be forced to find other jobs. The mill's products: textiles often allow clothing designers and manufactures in the area to flourish. Without a local industry they too will feel the strain of unfair competition.

Moreover, because eventually there will be no alternative to the monolithic Quadro, its introduction will favor large industries as opposed to small home grown operations. Not only will there be no choice to the Quadro, but in all aspects of life there will be less regional choice. The use of this machine will increase the likelihood of further globalization.

The larger infrastructure needed for the Quadro will consume  gargantuan quantities of land both from agriculture, forests and wetlands. Thus it will even destroy biological diversity as well. This backbone which will be built to support the Quadro is itself polluting.

By the way, Allied Industries has not explained who is going to pay for the massive structure that underpins the Quadro! 

The Global Picture

We are living in a world menaced by enormous environmental changes. It is no exaggeration to say that we are destroying habitats, rendering species into extinction, and generally making a mess of things. Where have the Bees gone? Why are auto-immune diseases on the rise? What kind of world are we leaving our children and grandchildren? There are so many people trying to get a handle on global warning and not succeeding to reduce the incredible amount of energy use. It is obvious that with widespread use the Quadro will only exacerbate this problem.

Big Money
The Quadro has scads of backing. Literally, hundreds of professional investment firms are lining up to fund this project. With that kind of money behind them, if they succeed in starting production... Allied Industry will be writing most of the industrial and environmental regulations or code for decades to come. Isn't it time to put a brake on this?

Your objectives:

Ban the use of the Quadro. Perhaps when solar power is a reality and there is enough safety equipment developed for the Quadro then it could be introduced.

If you can't bar the launch of the Quadro, then limit its use and the size of its infrastructure. Find some way to save the traditional industries that would normally go out of business.
For once it is time to act responsibly! 

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