Here are some methods to get to know your class better.

The Circle  Group everyone in the into a circle. Give your name and tell the class something that you like very much or something that is really part and parcel of your personality & something that is the opposite of you or something that you really detest. Turn to your left and ask the student to do the same as you have done. Ask them their name; what they like; or what they could never see themselves doing etc. Then you sum up what he or she has said. Then the next student to the left of the aforementioned student begins to tell about themselves and afterwards the student just to your left must paraphrase what the other has said. When the next student sums up he or she will have two to do, the following student three and so on just until the student at your left who must sum up and remember each name in the circle. Don't do this with really large groups.

The Intro   ask your students to partner themselves with someone that they don't know very well. Have them spend several minutes interviewing one and other. Then they must present their partner to the class, telling as much as they can about the other person. This works well in a circle as well.