Choose on of the scenarios and write a screenplay for three or more characters. You have the right to change anything you want, these are simply suggestions. Use you imagination and be creative.

SITUATION I                         The GHOST
In the late 1960s or early 1970s you were killed on a College Campus.
You now haunt that Campus. Well, you sort of live there. You have tried leaving but for some reason you are stuck there. Years pass, and you are quite bored. You often watch TV in the rec room, but it is almost impossible for you to turn on the TV or change the channels. You love to read and often go to the library to read over someoneís shoulder. You have worn the same clothing that you were killed in, and you are sick of it. After all, itís so old fashioned.
One day a very special person comes into the library This person is magical, at least for you.. In her (or his) presence you are solid and appear completely normal. As a matter of fact you canít walk through walls or do any of the spooky things you are used to doing.  One other thing is important about this mysterious new student in her presence your wishes can sometimes come true. So of course the very first thing you say when you and  she are in the same room is how much you hate these jeans and old sweat shirt and that you wish you that you were not wearing them. Which of course leaves you standing in your underwear looking over her shoulder and reading her book. You have a lot of explaining to do.
Some hints: There may be danger to the girl from those who killed you before and they might be her parents or her teacher etc. If you can act like a living person while in her presence could you call your mom, old girlfriend, etc.

SITUATION II                       The INVISIBLE MAN
A brilliant young scientist at the Ecole des Mines has invented a serum that turns animals invisible. He would like to find a human being to test it on. He is looking rather strangely at you. Are there problems with it? What happens if some of the animals escape? How can you explain to the police that some invisible animals have invaded St. Etiennne? What kind of things would you do if you were invisible?

A brilliant young scientist at the Ecole des Mines only thinks he has invented a formula to make himself invisible. His friends, hoping that this is only a temporary insanity brought on by the chemical concoction that he drank, pretend that our young scientist is really invisible.
What would happen if he met people (like the president of the school) who didnít know what was happening?