Ministry of Industry's Commission on Technological Implementation Case Quadro
You and the other members of your panel of judges have been convened to assess theimpact of a new technological device called the "Human Enhancer" or Quadro and manufactured by Allied Industries. Normally, you are not in the spotlight but this case has caught the media's attention and will make or break your career. 
mech quadro The Quadro is a whole new type of product with as much far reaching effects as the Tractor had on farming.
On one hand the Quadro is one of the most innovative and economy boosting events that you have ever been involved with, on the other hand ecologically this device could be one big nightmare. It is in your best interest to have this problem resolved as quickly as possible.
Due to the opposing nature of the two interested parties this will be difficult. You must set the ground rules for this hearing.  Th Plaintiff, in the case the Friends of Europe are to begin first. You should inform both parties of this. If there is more than one judge please discuss the following instructions:
(If you are alone in this endeavor please read carefully)

Your Objectives:

1. Don't let this case become a circus; you have to control the situation. You must establish some sort of rules for who can talk and when.

2. Ask questions if you don't understand or want to clarify. Your evaluation will be based in part on the questions asked. Encourage the discussion.

3. Ultimately, you can impose a unilateral decision but it would be much better for your career if there was a compromise acceptable to both parties.

4. Just the same, you must decide as well on the presentation of the case. If you really feel that one side has clearly won, then perhaps you have to rule in favor of that side.

5. This is not a trial. You can interrupt to ask for clarification. If you would like to ask a question to a specific lawyer or expert witness, you can.

6. Before you begin, talk to the other judge to lay some ground work as to how you will organize things. See if you can think of some ways to encourage the two sides to compromise.

7. While you can't be as wise as King Solomon, you should try to emulate him. One time he was presented with two women who wanted to raise the same child. He heard both their arguments and then he asked if it would be all right if he just cut the baby in half, giving equal parts to each. One woman said she thought that was okay. The second woman said give the other the child. You can imagine which woman got custody of this infant.

8. The Quadro is like no other machine today. There are no rules or laws to govern this.The creation of a whole new catagory for the Quadro is required.

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