TOEFL : Opposites

In the exercise below, choose the word that opposite of the selected word. For example:
If the word was GOOD
and you had such choices as
A. benefit
B. plus
C. right
D. bad
The answer, obviously is D. bad

1. Perplex
A stint
B gabby
C run down
D  make clear

2. Shield
A obscure
B evict
C  immeasurable
D capable

3. Musty
A fresh
B edible
C outburst
D alcoholic

4. Conscript
A outcry
B counter
C volunteer
D chronicle

5. Inherent
A prone
B extrinsic
C persistent
D let down

6. Revere
A expect
B  mystify
C exult
D loathe

7. Grueling
A easy
B recall
C frequently
D far out

8. Hybrid
A mixed
B unacceptable
C pure
D cognate

9. Flawed
A idillic
B arrested
C smashed
D breather

10. Painstaking
A secluded
B joyousness
C sloppy
D passing

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %

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