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FAQ The Quadro

Come on, really why can't you tell us something about the device?

In this age of intense industrial rivalry even mentioning capacities or features can lead to other firms attempting reverse engineering or other methods to copy a breakthrough or innovation.   The completion to develop these innovations is simply too fierce right now to allow leaks to the public.
Even NGOs like the Greens and the Friends of Europe did not contest this fact. Anyone who conduct marketing or  environmental impact surveys  signed non disclosure agreements and were sworn to secrecy. The Quadro was never referred to by name. No, not even one specific detail can be disclosed, that has been forbidden by court injunction. We realize that this is difficult for you to work under these conditions. The judicial system is aware that this one of the ways that we can insure innovation in our society.


You must be able to disclose some aspects can't you?
While we can't divulge any of the functions specifically, the Quadro is a "human enhancer". This is part and parcel of a whole range of emerging technologies whose benefits are only recently being discovered or charted. At present there is not anything that you can do in the Quadro that you can't  accomplish alone and unaided ... except that it will take much much longer. I 'll give you an analogy of what the "Quadro experience" is like:
Imagine that you put on a suit of armor and this transforms you not into Superman but more like Spiderman. You be able to do things quickly and powerfully, but you shouldn't be able to fly nor to be invulnerable. This is a little like what using the Quadro will be like. Perceptions of time , distance, speed and power will be altered very similar to what happens to video game players only this is in real life. Because the Quadro is a to be a connected device a lot of what it will do is mere conjecture at this moment.
What is the cocoon effect?
Originally the occupant of the Quadro was open to the air while in the machine. Actually, the original prototypes  looked rather crude. It was deemed to be safer and more comfortable if the client were enclosed, cushioned, protected from the power and rapidity of the Quadro. Unfortunately, (I  won't bore you with the safety mechanisms installed) by separating the occupant from the elements the perceptions of the user are altered and the operator can maintain a longer utilization rate and thus is subject to mental fatigue. A powerful and sophisticated apparatus in the hands of someone tired or capable of making intuitive decisions that are incorrect is not an advantageous situation.

Honestly, what good is it?
Quadro is a to be a connected device to large and diverse infrastructures. Much of the benefits are suppositions at this moment. Like any time saving device from automatic potato peelers to electric drills if used correctly they reduce costs, save time, provide wealth, even save lives. What is slightly different about the Quadro is the way it will revolutionize our civilization. Tasks that might take an employee a full year to attain will be done in a few hours or a few days.A distributed connected system that has never been seen before.

Can't you make it safe?
If we take our cue from the airline industry and have only well trained, elite, highly paid users who have access to the system then yes, theoretically it is possible to reduce injuries and deaths to those of the airlines. But the advantage of the Quadro is very much like the Internet: it is very individualistic. Can you imagine twenty or thirty people sharing a computer and only one person having the right to use the mouse?
Because of  initial high costs involved there will be group use with one person who will pilot the Quadro. However, it is doubtful that you will ever see the pilot/passenger ratios that you find in the airline industry. This will limit the amount of money spent on Quadro pilot training or render the Quadro System too expensive to implement.

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