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When to Use Still & Yet

In the exercise below, choose either still or yet to best complete the sentance. Remember that there are cases where either word is correct.

1. Is the baby born A stillB yet ? The mother has been in labor for 12 hours.

2. Is my wife A stillB yet in the Bathroom? We had to leave 10 minutes ago.

3. You say that you're a vegetarian,A stillB yet , I've seen you devour a Big Bacon at Quick.

4. HeA stillB yet has not gotten his passport.

5. Chappy A stillB yet hasn't paid me for last month's rent.

6. It is not time for Benjamin to go home A stillB yet.

7. Suddenly, the forest was A stillB yet . Not a bird sang, not a leaf rustled.

8. Michael is A stillB yet asleep, let's not wake him.

9. Have you met StephaneA stillB yet ?

10. Is Philippe A stillB yet studying for the TOEFL. He's been at it for hours.

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %

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