Vocabulary for the Listening To TOEFL
Pages 28-31

 1. Which of these is NOT a scholarship?
A. a grant
B. authority
C. endowment
D. financial aid

2. To turn in can mean to go to bed it can also mean to
A.  give back
B. freshen
C. spoil
D. season

3. Since my laser operation on my eyes I have no use for __________
A Electromagnetic radiation
B. scissors
C. glasses
D. paper

4. I have never seen Susan without her clothes on.
A. I have often seen her unclothed
B. She always wear clothing when I'm around
C. She is not able to remove her duds
D. I've never seen Liliane, period.

5. The practice Toefl exam (takes place) on a Monday.
A. captures
B. yields
C. gains
D. falls

6.  Choose the phrase that does NOT mean : "I wish this to remain a secret."
A. mums the word
B. for your ears only
C. keep this to yourself
D. on the up and up

7. Which of these words does not belong
A. roommate
B. room temperature
C. Dean
D. dorm staff

8. Choose a synonym for hardly ever
A. often
B. once in a while
C. more often than not
D. rarely

9. Studying for the Toefl is such a (pain).
A. soreness
B. jubilance
C. bother
D. bruise

10.  Samir would like to see you, but he's tied up right now
A occupied
B related
C buckled
D in chains

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