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When to Use "the"

In the exercise below, try to work out a rule for the examples given.

1. Choose the country that can take the article "the"
Republic of France France

2. Which is incorrect:
the Indonesia  the Philippines.

Okay what's the rule?

       True or False
3. "The" can be used with the names of continents like the Europe, the Asia,
A trueB false

4. "The" is never used with the names of individual cities like Boston or Paris
A trueB false

5. How about its use with regions or the continents in plural like the Yukon, the Arctic, or the Americas
A used B not used

Made up some more rules yet?

             Which of these below  normally takes the article "the"

6. For instance, how about lakes :
A the Great Lakes B the Lake Superior

7. And mountains:
A the Appalachian Mountains B The Mt Everest

8. What about parks:
A the Yellowstone Park B the national parks

9. And islands:
A the Canary Islands B the Nantucket Island

Can you make work up a list of rules now?

10. Choose the sentence that is incorrect:
A The French is derived from the Latin
B The English are known for their stiff upper lips.

  Post Script: The Top score is 100 %

Bonus question:
In which of these following sentences is the destination an institution?

I.   We're taking him home.
II. We're taking him to the home.


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