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Repeat Offenders

You should find this test to be easier than  a normal Toefl exam. What is interesting is to see if you can formulate some
rules to explain the patterns within the exam. The errors are often the same. What are they?
1. River pilots earnA. them living B. byC. guiding large ships up and downD. the Mississippi.

2. Zoos A. hope that someday B. they will be ableC. to introduce many endangered species back intoD. a wild

3. NFL football playersA. often rub B. the hands together over sideline heatersC. during winter games to keep D. them from freezing.

4. EMSE encouraged student A. participationsB. at the Gala C. this year by offering cashD. prizes.

5.A. CigarettesB. cost three times whatC. it did just twenty yearsD. ago.

6. When dealing withA. a Blind, people often raise B. their voices assumingC. incorrectly thatD. they are deaf too.

7. It is normal that with the internet, a mediumA. known for B. its anominity,C. many dispute D. an authenticity of its articles.

8. The sale of some toysA. was banned this Christmas, becauseB. of the riskC. they posed to youngD. child.

9. In the States, many A. Chineses tended to settle B. at first inC. sorts ofD. ghettos called Chinatowns.

10. In the 70s and early 80s, oil strikes in A. the IraqB. fueled speculation andC. helped fund is war withD. the Iranians.

11. At the outsetA. the creation ofB. the tram forced St. EtienneC. intoD. their characteristic linear shape.

12. CoalA. made this city andB. it stillC. holdsD. a legacies of its mining days.

13. Toll roads provided A. an excellent method to expand the highwaysB. without touching public fundsC. to pay forD. his development.

14. Special flexible A. tendon give today's cyborgs an enormousB. advantageC. over models produced just aD. few years ago.

15. Saint Etienne and the area aroundA. it wasB. an stronghold ofC. the Resistance forcesD. during World War Two.

16.A. In Florida, sinkholes occurB. when limestone dissolves and theC. landsD. collapses.

17. Rodan's sculpture "the Thinker" shows A. he to wonderfulB. at depicting muscled C. men but not necessarily D. very good at portraying intellectuals.

18. A few A. expert feel thatB. this TWA Flight's demise wasC. caused by a collision withD. a meteorite.

19. RuralA. craftsman in the eighteenth century America hadB. to be practically self sufficient,C. able to arrive with a few tools and produceD. an entire workshop.

20. Robert Goddard was A. a professor B. at Worcester Polytechnical Institute andC. inventors ofD. the first liquid fueled rocket.

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