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Sample Toefl Exam: Section II

1. Photography changed dramatically __________ introduced instant pictures.
A. when Polaroid
B. Polaroid
C. when was
D. it when Polaroid

2. Xavier Philippe will often spend his evenings __________ upside-down from the ceiling in his room.
A. which hanging
B. that are
C. hanging
D. hang

3.  ____________ sharks, whales and dolphins are warm blooded mammals.
A. Unlike
B. Not likeness to
C. Alike
D. Dislike

4. Sebastien can drink __________ a gallon of beer in one sitting.
A. mostly
B. as much as
C. so much that
D. their

5. The closer we ________ to our trip to Boston the more excited  my students become.
A. are
B. have
C. the
D. it has

6. The USS Constitution, the oldest ship still in active service in the U.S. Navy, ___________ in 1797.
A. when it launched
B. that was launched
C. launching
D. was launched

7.  __________ the end of the whaling industry came hard times for seaports like New Bedford and Nantucket.
A. Was it
B. This
C. Moreover
D. With

8.  One purpose ________________  to make up for money spent in the French and Indian War.
A. of the Stamp Act which was
B.  the Stamp Act
C. of the Stamp Act was
D. of the Stamp Act

9. ___________________ in 1939, the Borne Bridge spans the Cape Cod Canal and is one of the many grand projects of the Depression era.
A. Completes
B. Completed
C. Completing
D. Complete

10.  The Copperhead is a venomous serpent, found as far North as the Blue Hills in Massachusetts and _______ bite has proved dangerous to hikers and joggers.
A. who
B. whom
C. its
D. whose

11. The Boston Marathon ________ every April on Patriot's Day to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
A. ran
B. is run
C. run
D. running

12. Strangely enough, the Bunker Hill monument ___________  on Breed's Hill where the actual battle took place.
A. is located
B. has situated
C. to situate
D. locating

13. With the publishing of Thoreau's On Walden Pond ____________ of the wonder of Nature.
A. his appreciation
B. came a new appreciation
C. appreciated
D. the author appreciated

14. Samuel Adams argued that to live in a truly free and noble state the people permitted to vote _______  even to the point of including women.
A. would be larger
B. should be increased
C. should larger
D. is

15. __________ Boston Harbor now, with its dolphins and seals, you would find it hard to believe how polluted it was just a few years ago.
A. Seen
B. It sees
C. Is seeing
D. Seeing

For the next twenty five questions you must identify the error in the folowing sentences:

16. Boston isA. know as the Hub of the UniverseB. becauseC. it wasD. a great seaport in the 18th and 19th centuries.

17. Because computersA. are capable of storing, erasing and B. retrieve data C. easily their use is becomingD. more and more widespread.

18.A. Professors Andom IyassouB. won two Noble prizes one forC. economics 1982 andD. another in literature in 1992.

19. Mt Washington A. is over one mile B. height and C. has many picturesque waterfalls on D. its slopes.

20. A. The Liberty Tree,B. which was once located in an area of Boston now called the Combat Zone,C. is considered to be one of D. a symbols of the American Revolution.

21.A. Critics point out B. that windows 95 is not C. so efficient as the D. previous version.

22.A. Most journalistic web sitesB. still depend on print and tv storiesC. from a great deal of their content of the majority D. of their pages

23. Charlotte and Gautier, A. who are known B. as the Bobsy twinsC. don't actually look very muchD. the alike.

24. E-mailA. deliversB. at seconds messagesC. to any pointD. on the globe.

25.A. After making two double B. plays Wade BoggsC. hittingD. a grand slam for the Red Sox.

26. Air, liquid, and A. gaseous are the three classicalB. states of matter,C. but in this century, a fourth state: plasmaD. has been added.

27. IA. like toB. make sport on Thursday afternoons butC. it makes me D. tired on Friday mornings.

28. Hurricane MichaelA. that devastated Cape CodB. for the last twoC. dayD. has moved out to sea.

29. Alexander Graham Bell worked toA. aid andB. improving theC. hearing of the deaf and thisD. helped him when he invented the telephone.

30. Boston Baked Beans, a traditional dish of New England A. compose mainly B. of beans and mollases and of course baked C. in an oven D. for hours. 31

.A. The 1943 pulitzer prizeB. was won by Ester Forbes forC. its biography D. of Paul Revere.

32.A. Annual producing tons of cranberries, Massachusetts B. is one of the largest producersC. of this crop D. in the United States.

33. Edgar Allen PoeA. was bornB.at BostonC. but he destested the city D. calling its inhbitants " Frog Ponders."

34. The National Seashore, with A. its magnificent dunes B. and often spectacular surfC. isD. locate on Cape Cod.

35.A. Early whaling harpoons, launched B. by hand from a rowboat, wereC.closely relatedD. about ancient javelins.

36. Almost A. a third of the students B. enrolled in Adult Education coursesC. took a course inD. computer.

37. Scrimshaw, the art of etching or carving on whale bone; A. has become increasingly B. rare and C. value since whaling has been forbiddenD. by the international community.

38.A. Before the game the Patriot football teamB. stayed at the Day's Inn C. next to the stadium prior to theD. game

39. Rollerblading A. has become increasingly popular in B. the city of Cambridge C. in recentD. years ago.

40. Most people A. who visit the Bay State preferB. eat in small cafes and restaurants C. than frequent franchised eateries D. like Papa Gino's or MacDonald's.

You have made : errors.       and your approximate Toefl score is between

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