TOEFL Reality
     Some people erroneously state that the TOEFL test has no links with the real world.
The idea is that TOEFL is not a reflection of how normal people use a language. This is
patently absurd as the following recent conversation will demonstrate.

Monday morning at the student dorms after a weekend of studying the TOEFL.

Anass: So Jerome, how are you today?  Please mark one of the letters closest to how you are feeling ;
   a.  Fine
   b. Great !
   c. not too bad
   d. poorly ?
Jerome : Iím not sure, I guess b. and you ?
Anass : Oh, definitely a.
Jerome: Did you see the film « Apollo 13 » last night ? Indicate your response from one of the answers
supplied below :
       a.  Yes, I had forgotten how good the film was.
       b.   I was there but I fell asleep halfway through it
       c.   I was there but left with Michael before the film started.
       d.   No, I didnít go
Anass :  Positively d.
Jerome : Are you sure ?
Anass : Of course Iím sure : I didnít go ! Hey what are we going to do today ? Mark carefully your answer :
      a.  Go to English class
      b.  get some croissants and a cup of coffee
      c.  take the TOEFL test
      d.  go back to bed
      e.   none of the above
Jerome : I feel that the correct answer is c. We are ready.
Anass : Yes you are right, although, I felt that d. was a distinct possibility.
Well choose one of the following you feel best describes the situation at present:
     a. Shall we go ?
     b. Must we go now ?
     c. Could we not go ?
     d. Should we going ?
Jerome: Absolutely a ! Remember donít write in the test booklets !
Anass : And donít forget that we will have fifteen minutes to walk to school.
If we arrive before the TOEFL begins, sit down and patiently think about all the wonderful things
TOEFL has brought into our lives.

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