Some Vocabulary from the e-mail quiz

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Check the definitions here below and then take the following test.

Glare:1. an angry look or stare. 2.a penetrating, blinding light often a reflection. Treat:1. To provide with food, entertainment, or gifts 2.To deal with, to act in a certain manner towards. 3. give medical aid
Dim:1. faintly lit, not bright. 2. indistinct Wilt:1. to droop or become limp. 2. to lose freshness or vigor.
Kid 1. a child 2. to act like a child, to joke, to fool around Tears:1. . transparent salty liquid secreted by the eyes particularly in times of great emotion or pain.
Harm: 1. to injure or damage Diet:1. your usual eat and drink. 2. to consume nourishment according to a plan or regulations.
Choose the word that best replaces the underlined word.
1.  Surviving on a fast of peanut butter, coffee, and cigarettes, Diane lost twenty pounds in two weeks..
A. Treat    B. Diet    C. Tears    D. Harm   E. Glare

2. The lifeguard's Polaroid sunglasses reduced the shine coming off the ocean thus making her job easier.
A. Treat    B. Dim    C. Wilt     D. Kid     E. Glare

3.  Walter Reed doctored many victims of yellow fever during the construction of the Panama Canal.
A. Treated     B. Dieted    C. Teared    D. Harmed   E. Glared

4. When Dracula approached the flowers,  they  folded and dried up
A. Treated   B. Dimmed   C. Wilted    D. Kidded    E. Glared

5.  The label on the bottle said: "No more crying with this shampoo", but my daughter still cried when I washed her hair.
A. Treats    B. Diets    C. Tears     D. Harms   E. Glares

6. Dirik is receiving e-mails from NASA? You have got to be pulling my leg! (Joking)
A. Treating    B. Dimming    C. Wilting   D. Kidding   E. Glaring

7. Madame Curie was hurt by the very elements that she discovered, dying of leukemia in 1934.
A. Treated    B. Dieted     C. Teared   D. Harmed    E. Glared

8. If you don't mind I'll pay for the movies. It will be my present.
A.Treat   B. Dim     C. Wilt   D. Kid   E. Glare

9. With a furious glance at the prisoners the commandant left the camp.
A. Treat   B. Diet   C. Tears     D. Harm   E. Glare

10. The lights always darken in sci-fi films just before something bad happens.
A. Treat    B. Dim   C. Wilt   D. Kid  E. Glare


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