Vegetables and Fruits in English

(Remember there can be more than one right answer)

1. "To go bananas" means that you :
A became boss
B went wild with anger
C went crazy
D  became afraid

2. Talk about stupid, that girl is a ______ brain.
A pea
B celery seed
C  radish
D onion

3. To dangle a carrot in front of someone means:
A to tempt a person with the unobtainable
B to embarrass someone
C to have good eyesight
D to advertise that he or she is a vegetarian

4. Which of these four is not an adjective commonly used with the word POTATO?
A hot
B couch
C blue
D small

5.  I'm in a ______. I've got serious troubles
A squash
B pickle
C corn cob
D watermelon

6. Since the day I bought it I've had nothing but problems with it. It's such a ____________.
A strawberry
B  pepper
C kumquat
D lemon

7. He _________ the conversation with words of wisdom.
A squashed
B peppered
C mushroomed
D cauliflowered

8. To be the apple of one's eye is to be
A from New York.
B one's sweetheart or pet
C shiny
D sour

9. Sour grapes means:
A a rumor
B to devalue something because of envy.
C hateful
D to become extremely embarrassed

10. You're comparing ____________,  schooling and experience just can't be evaluated in the same manner.
A apples to oranges
B dates to figs
C pineapples to mangos
D soup to nuts



  Bonus questions: What is a raspberry and what is raspberry beret? Post Script: The Top score is 100 %
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