Words often confused in Dossiers

1.____________________François seemed like a nice enough fellow, __________ he was viscous when he was losing in a game like Civilization II.
2.___________ seeing his mistress, Sebastien went home to his wife.
3.  ___________ (one word) and unbeknowsted to him, she left her apartment and met his best friend Javier.
4.  Still _______ he learned of this infidelity and confronted them both.
5.  ______________ Javier ___________  Juliette would admit that they were having a tryst.
6.  _____________ they were lying ___________ Sebastienís eyes were playing tricks on him.
7.  They say that Dave is a _________ typist _______ Stephane, but Hicham is by far the _________ typist of the lot.
8.   The United States _________ composed of many States, Commonwealths, territories and the District of Columbia.
9.  The star of the NBA is Michael Jordan. ____________, at the height of his career he quit basketball to play baseball. It is _______ that many other professional athletes will copy him. He returned to basketball _______ two years, to once ________ play world class hoop.
10.   You know, all the books and magazines I took from the library to do my English dossier are __________ tomorrow and I havenít even read __________________(two words).
11.  ________ has been said about Yellowstone National Park. But, ________ people know that ________ tourists have been injured by the animals in the
12.    Space probes, _________ have explored our solar system may one day be used to explore the Stars.
13.  An ogre in Warcraft is one meter __________ and two meters ___________.
14.  The ruler is twelve inches_______ which in the metric system means it is _______ 32 centimeters in __________.

Hints :
on one hand, few, much, tall, unbelievably, wide, unlikely, due, yet, later, afterwards, after, again, length, either, long, neither,