Urgent News From the Middle Kingdom

We need your help! We have read your freelance articles for major magazines and newspapers and we have chosen you for your skill at sorting out great stories. Here is our problem: we have intense dificulties in reporting the news in the Middle Kingdom. Any story, no matter how banal is reduced to shreds by the government censors. Thus to transmit news or any story out of the Middle Kingdom we have resorted to a form of encryption. The majority of the story is included in the message but it is mixed up and often other words are substituted. It is up to you to read this mishmash and write the truth as you see it.

How can you receive our message?

That's easy just click on the button at the bottom of this page and our story will appear. But remember print the story as soon as it appears because subsequent viewing of this page will not contain our message to you.

Will you do it?