Retif, one of the Federation's most gifted negotiators and experienced agents has just be sent to the star system Leeon. His mission is to verify if the Eemies, a race of ant-like aliens will present a problem to the Federation. In certain sectors of the galaxy there has been talk of war between the Eemies and  Humans.
Retif's mission is both complicated and simplified by the Mouthpiece of the Hive Queen.
Perplexing, because the Mouthpiece's translation device  often gives convoluted answers and because the Mouthpiece itself prefers to be cryptic. Expedited because the information gained via the Mouthpiece is direct from the Hive Queen herself and is emintely reliable.
The meeting between the two has been arranged and scheduled to take place at one of the sub palaces in the capital city Bee.
When Retif enters the conference room he finds the Mouthpiece already seated.
Retif: I understand that this is rather abrupt, but I must act in haste. Rumor has it that your Queen will wage war on my people. I have to know if this is true to try to avert such a clash between our species.
Is there any truth to these stories?
Mouthpiece: Consume, no Absorbing
Retif: I am a little confused
Mouthpiece:  Thought provoking
Retif: I see. (Not knowing what else to say)
Mouthpiece: Actually, it's mentally incompetent.
Retif: You mean (pausing while frantically trying to figure out the Mouthpiece meant)... Simple?
Mouthpiece: Affirmative, now either Her Majesty the Hive Queen Moorahbawn will be forced to punish her General Kunzy or if war between us is not compulsory then Admiral Poty will be furious.
Retif: I am truly sorry but I don't get it.
Mouthpiece: Well, if the lack Admiral's anger implies a mandatory war then the Queen's favorite drone Dumont will be jealous and if the Queen does not punish her General then this implies that Dumont the drone has taken a lover.
Retif: And has the Queen's favorite drone taken a lover?
Mouthpiece: Certainly not, Dumont is still alive after all.
Retif: Thank you this meeting has been most informative.

Will the Hive Queen Moorahbrawn punish General Kunzy?
Does the Federation have to worry?