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Industrial Accidents:

First up, What makes a good presentation?

Second, our co-judge is Alicja TARDY
One good idea would be to contact her and ask her advice. To do that effectively you should know what are
her areas of expertise.

We have this week and next week to prepare for The Industrial Accident Presentation

     1. Break up into groups  What were they? Sleep, chemical dependence, human error, design error, human limits...
     2. Discuss what you as a group would like to do
     3. Formulate some kind of plan to do the research
     4. Map out an interesting show... suggestions:

          a. In color
          b. Use supports: slides, photos, transparencies, cassettes, web pages, etc.
          c. Interactivity
          d. Make it thought provoking or controversial
          e. storyboard?
and of course do it all in fifteen or twenty minutes before the presentation.

  Be sure to Check out Dungeon Vocabulary
Yes with all the hoopla about The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter it would be good to brush up on some
archaic English!