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 We have succeeded in translating the first page of the manuscript you discovered on C/29/4027. It was very difficult and some passages remain quite surrealistic. I hope that this text will give you some information about this vanished civilisation, but I’m very doubtful. 
It seems to be a student’s diary. But whether the author was a drug addict or whether their educational system was very astonishing.
But I let you read and make your own mind.


03/10/2001 – First contact

I was late. As soon as I came into the room, I  could see the teacher and the other students, future members of 3G. But at that moment, they didn’t know what would occur to them. Neither did I.
What happened next was very disorienting. The teacher (was it really a teacher?), a former one-eyed man, or something like that, who worshiped Kahula, “goddess of information, data, knowledge, and other imaginary things”, spoke about monsters, science-fiction, theater and drew the Zurich Airport’s toilets on the board! Amazing, isn’t it? But he was not the only one to be weird! The students were a little bit strange too! A lot of them “didn’t like people”, a girl always said the incomprehensible word “pplffft”, an other absolutely didn’t want to mix things and, last but not least, a girl was obsessed by the color GREEN. Paradoxically enough, everybody were laughing, interested, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.
We were no longer in reality. We were somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Wonderland.
To finish with the séance (I can’t really speak about a course!), we kidnapped an innocent hostess to take some silly photos in the garden. Then we had to choose a name. The Groggy Green Group (or 3G) was created: 5 girls and 10 boys bound by their desire to have fun, and aware that they were the happy few who were allowed to come once a week into an exciting realm located between the Twilight Zone and Wonderland.

See you on Wednesdays.
        Don't forget to be green!!!!