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Plural or Singular

(Match the Correct Verb to the Subject)

1. Nobody, not even his best friends,
understands understand
the trouble Anass has had to get a passing score on the TOEFL.

2. All of the students
agrees agree
that it is time to plan our trip to Boston.

3. Many of the techniques for improving your Toefl score
depends depend
on your ability to read English quickly.

4. Everybody in Boston
thinks think
that a French accent is sexy.

5. Does Do each of you have a TOEFL kit for self study?

6. Twenty dollars
is  are
not a high price to pay to see the Boston Celtics play.

7. Upon your shoulders
rests rest
the responsibility. You have to study a lot on your own.

8. The "Grand Ecoles" system
is are
principally paid for by the French Government

9.   Jerome's and Stephane's discovery of gold coins under their pillows
was  were
truly astounding and confirmed their belief in the existence of the Tooth Fairy.

10. Your preparation, as well as how much sleep you had the night before
plays play a factor on test day.

Your score is :