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TOEFL University vocabulary test 2

1. Susan is thrilled about getting accepted in the program

A. Susan is afraid B. Susan is excited
C. There's no chance Susan will be accepted D. Susan is going to be interviewed

2. The prize for the contest is an opera  ticket.

A. Students will have to pay to enter the contest B. The award for the contest is an opera ticket
C. The first student to enter the contest wins D. The opera ticket is for sale

3. Scratch paper is not allowed for the exam.

A. Students are not allowed to write notes. B.Copying is prohibited
C. The exam is cancelled D. Students should not use  course data 

4. Professor Laxton graded the final in the morning and posted the scores in the afternnon.

A. Pr Laxton put the complete marks on a board B. Pr Laxton posted his personal evaluations
C. Pr Laxton posted the rest of the exams D. Pr Laxton posted his records

5. Would you take these books to the closet please ?

A. Throw these books away B. Put them in a cupboard
C. Close these books D. Put these books in the bathroom

6. John  handed out the  directions to the museum yesterday.

A. John made some signposts to the museum B. We have to go to the museum by ourselves
C. John made an allusion to that yestarday D. John distributed the directions yesterday

7. Laurie asked me to come in a minute to give me  a run down on the class.

A. Laurie will be in a hurry. B.Laurie will help the student do his homework
C. Laurie will give the student some information about  the class D. Laurie wants to congratulate the student

8. When is the deadline for course registration ?

A. The students wants to know if there are any seats left ? B. The student is very anxious to register.
C. The student wants to know when is the last day for registration D. This course is extremely difficult.

9. Dr Kenyon, could you let John audit your class ?

A. John wants to attend the class without being graded  B. John will ask the students some questions about the class
C. John will supervise Dr Kenyon's class D. John will record Dr Kenyon's lecture.

10. Where can Fred pay the bill for an overdue book ?

A.Fred wants to buy the book B. Fred has been waiting long for the book
C. Fred is handing his book back late D. The book is too old to use.


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