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We have this week and next week to prepare for The Industrial Accident Presentation

1. Break up into groups
2. Discuss what you as a group would like to do
3. Formulate some kind of plan to do the research
4. Map out an interesting show... suggestions:
a. In color
b. Use supports: slides, photos, transparencies, cassettes, web pages, etc.
c. Interactivity
d. Make it thought provoking or controversial
Susan Wolf  from the University of Massachusetts will be your other judge. You can contact her at


some articles which might be of interest:

Is the NEXT disaster from genetech?
Iceland's Genetic Jackpot
A research project to map the genes of the purebred population of
Iceland could produce life-saving drugs. Some argue that it poses an
unprecedented threat to privacy. By Kristen Philipkoski.
Lack of privacy?
The State of Crypto
 On Monday, Israeli researchers revealed how they cracked the code on
GSM cell phones. So what exactly is going on in Israel? Crypto
research. And lots of it. Tania Hershman reports from Jerusalem.

Checkout: zeroknowledge and see what all the fuss is all about.

How about terrorism from a mobile telephone  card?

Is the NEXT disaster Ecological?
China Warms to Fridge Project
The world's most populous nation takes a big step toward environmental
sustainability by adopting new CFC-free standards for refrigerators.

What do U think?

Coming Events
January 12th there will be two students from U-mass Boston visiting our classroom.
The theme of our class will be:
The Differences Between the Sexes

Tutorials today:
17h15  Marc& Guillaume
17h45 Gwenaël & Olivier BOULLET