Lesson III

 Go look at Industrial Accidents.

What makes a good presentation?
Are there any alternatives that we could use that might reflect more acurately what we have done to date?

Debates, Skits, Storytelling, etc.
  from the University of Massachusetts  is coming here to meet us
but also to learn how the web can help French teachers in the USA teach French

Have you checked out The Quote Machine?
It is finished

Here is a review quiz for some on-line quizzes that I put up a while ago.
What is interesting about this quiz is that

a. It was made by extensive use of Kahula and The Quote Machine
b. It is an incredably rich in hypertext links. If you have any other sites that should
be linked to this exercise let me know
c. Not many of the questions where original work, mostly quotations gleaned
from the web by the The Quote Machine.

Fun stuff:
Check out the Matrix          It is the beta version, so expect some mistakes.

Merry Chrismas
To send a Christmas Card



a. Finish your pages on emotions. Bring them with you next week. This means bring your diskette too!

b. Go look at Industrial Accidents.