What were our conclusions to how should 21st century teaching be different from present methods?
Was the homework up to 21st century standards?
Also we listened to
Neil Gaiman's  Murder Mysteries

E-mail Stories
We have a pretty much willing audience in ourselves.
Part one will be to create an alternate world.
I suggest a monarchy since it is not the case for us present.
Suggest a ruler other than yourself.
Create the plaza.
E-mail ideas as they come to each of us. 

We took a look a courtroom vocabulary
and added to a quiz I created.

What should we do for next week's tutorial?
Next week's tutorials:
1st half hour: Nicolas, Marcin, & Dagmara
2nd half hour: Guillaume , Marc, & Gwenaël

Homework to Read:
Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott

Here is a quiz on some of the Vocabulary in the text.
If you get a perfect score it will take you to a page that
will explain what you must do for homework
and after a couple of minutes you will then be transported to
the on-line text.