Today's Reading Test:   Flatland

Okay perhaps it is not an English lesson  per se
but it will make you think:

There are some rules not mentioned:
1. The letters must be connected after a fashion
2. The words must be at least four letters long
3. the longer the words the higher the score.
4. The frame on the right will give an error signal until you
score a word

Lazyland Joggle Contest

Play it five times and have a witness if you get a high score

This little game comes from on of the most interesting javascript sites:
The Javascript Source

Lazyland needs pages! And we need a interactive bulitin board to post our stories and conversations.
at htmlgoodies there is a tutorial on how to create one.

Now on to Resumés

Here is an interesting look at the subject of job interviews.
Krease the propph

Next week's tutorials:
1nd half hour: Gwen, Myriam, & Alan
2st half hour: Pierre, Olivier, & Olivier

Homework:  I'll drop a text off in your pigeonholes. You can thank Nicolas for the subject.