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Lest you think that Henri is completely ridiculous, I must tell you that before each Easter
a great many important religious leaders go through some form of "the wash feet ritual."
One, the patriarch of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, washes the feet of quite a
few people around Easter time. Now in his wise and perhaps misogynist way, he only washes
men's feet. Why not a woman? I don't have an answer for you.
Actually, as far as I do know, he washes only the feet of other priests. Now, if I was a priest and I
knew that the Pope was going to wash my feet the next day... well, I would spend a great deal
of time in the shower making sure that my feet were clean. I imagine the feet of those
chosen priests to be quite pristine by the time the Pope gets to wash them.
Wouldn't it be better to surprise some of the homeless and wash their feet?

I ask you, now that you know what Henri did and what the Pope does:
Who's is gooder, Henri or his human counterpart?

Food for Thought

1. Why is it Good Friday and not Holy Friday?
2. When this story is read out loud or acted out  the pauses and hesitations are important, why?
3. Recently, it was reported on the BBC that there was one priest for every 2000 parishioners in
Europe today. How many people are there for each doctor? for each policeman? for each teacher?
4. Could you influence 2000 people positively in a year's time?
5. Many religions use the television and the internet to get their message across to millions,
how would using robots be any different?
6. What would be the pros and cons of having Henri as your confessor?
7. Gyde Friday was also known as Long Friday once, why do you think that was so?


Choose one:

       A. Write a story about when Henri is the last Roman Catholic priest on this planet.

       B. The meeting between Fatima and Henri became famous. You are an journalist for
            CNN/Sony entertainment. Pretend that you have to interview either  Fatima and Henri.
            Write this exchange in the form of a short play.

       C. Project the future for Henri and Fatima. What will happen in the preceding years
           from their meeting? Make your views into an oral presentation  or story in front of
           the class.

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