Alien Identification Quiz

City, town, village, aglomeration:
Teleport #:

Have you ever seen a UFO?
a) No
b) Perhaps
c) Yes
d) Yes and I have a video!

Where did you last see Elvis?
a) On TV
b) At the cinema. ( a long time ago )
c) At the supermarket
d) In the clouds
e) At Las Vegas
f) At the shoe store?

Check the chromosomes that you posess:
°None of the above

Your Sexual Preferences Please:
a) Females
b) Hemphridites
c) Males
d) Trisexuals
e) Inanimate objects
f) Others

Have you ever worked as a temporal engineer or crop circle designer?

What is your sign?
°Not sure
°Can't determine if I was born or not
°I don't have a sign I am from the zodiac

When someone offers you his or her hand do you:
a)grasp it solidly and squeeze with authority
b)slime him or her
c)eat it
d) offer your tenticle taking care that it does not attach too firmly
e)never touch other beings, It's a way to catch all sorts of nasty things.

Do you hum when you eat?
a)no never
c)all the time I can't help myself
d)I make lots of disgusting sounds does that count?

When you fizziple are you happy?
d)What the heck are you talking about?

What color is your blood?
a)I am a red-blooded American
b)I am a blue blood from way back
c)I turn green at the sight of blood
d)I am not sure of the color but I always keep my "sang froid"
e)I don't have any

Can you bend spoons without touching them?
c)Don't know metal tends to melt in my presence

Have you ever experienced "Deja Vu"?
c)How many times are you going to ask me that question?

Have you ever experienced blackouts or periods of time that you can't remember?
c)When I take drugs or drink
d)in class only

Have you ever had an out of body experience?
b)Yes I am having one right now and it is very hard to hit the keys when you are incorporal!
c) I have had some bawdy experiences is that the same thing?
d)No never

a)How old are you?
b)Under 14
c)over 14 but under 30
d)30 and up
e)In Earth years or in terms of my planet's orbits around its star?
f) Which of my lives are you referring to?
g)Time is warped and I can't count

How many TVs do you have at your domicile?
a)None never watched TV
c)At least one for each viewing unit
d)Over one hundred
e)Don't need a machine; can receive all the signals directly

What is your favorite dish?
a)Don't care as long as there is lots of fats and carbohydrates
c)Extremites of amphibians
e)Vertbrates, but they must be cooked to perfection

If you would like a translation of this test into Galaxtic Standard click here.