The Hydrogen Fueled Automobile

Is this the Car of the Future?

In our science fiction class we tried to imagine the car of the future. We are here in the present year of 1996. We had read many recent articles that said that major manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Ford were gearing up to manufacture hydrogen based vehicles by the year 2006 or thereabouts. In these articles they said that the market for hydrogen fueled autos will be as second cars since they have limited range. Well we at the Ecole Superior des Mines de Saint Etienne, with the help of Jean-Jacques Girardot's Engineering LTD. have designed a long range hydrogen powered car.

In class we did recall that the idea of blimp or zeppelin travel was very popular at the turn of the century. This was to be the traveling mode of the future. As you know the skies are full of dirigibles. Perhaps the hydrogen car will go down the same road. Who can say?

Upon further reading we learned in class that the car of the future will be non polluting. Well, at least the automobile itself will not pollute, but the factories that will produce the hydrogen gas is another story. The future looks better for the Nuclear Industry. Still the idea of an automobile that produces only steam has perhaps some design features that the auto industry is ignoring. For example there is Agnes' idea. Her concept, we feel is a real steamer. It is one opportunity amoung many that major industrial firms are ignoring. The non polluting car will change many commuters habits. Who would stop at Mac Donalds or the local coffee shop if they had this option installed in their vehicle. There are other things to consider what if the water was recooperated and stored in the vehicle. The applications are endless: unlimited windshield washer fluid, or perhaps this

(to be continued)

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