Creating a Star Field

This will be the background for your page. If you don't know how to make a page web go get this example.

Here's what the code should look like:


<HEAD> <TITLE> Name of your Planet </TITLE>


<BODY BACKGROUND="(name of your starfield)">

<IMG SRC "(name of your planet).gif">


(name of your planet, again)


(Here's where you put your text)



Okay I advise you to use block notes to edit the page but you can use what ever text editor you want.

Now lets open up Paint shop pro. If you don't have a copy of paintshop pro get it here. It is shareware and if you use it all the time you should buy it or pester your superior to buy it.

Go to File/New... and you should see something like this:

Okay now change the background color to black and choose a size around 500 x 500. You should then see an image similar to this:

Now click on Image and you should see something like this:

Chose first Filter Browser and you should see this:

add about ten percent noise and your starfield will look like this:

Go to File/Save as and save this in the jpeg format. You are not truely finished. I recomend that you play around with the other thing in image; like special effects, sharpen, blur, soften etc. But at least you have a good idea of how it works.

Remember this line in your code for the html page:

<BODY BACKGROUND="(name of your starfield)">

this is where you replace the red letters with the name of your starfield that you just created. If the page and this image are in the same directory the background of the page will be what you just created.

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