The Planet Whimsy was more or less like the other planet in our galaxy until one day... The very famous and esteemed Sir Isaac "Fig" Neutron was quietly sitting under a tree when he was hit on the head with an apple. Now if I had been hit on the head with a Macintosh computer I am not sure I would be able to walk never mind do serious physics. But that is exactly what he did. Sir Isaac was able to refute the entire law of gravity. And from the moment he published his celebrated paper : "The Non-existence of Gravity" with the Society for the Advancement of Whimsical Science no one has been able to walk normally since. The problem is that almost everyone read Sir Neutron’s paper and thus lost all weight. People on Whimsy tend to float around. Inanimate objects are not affected This is not all together bad and saved airline companies lots of money in aviation fuel. There is as well a small group of illiterates who get around as before but they are quite secretive. It is rare that a tourist catches a glimpse of them. This had serious repercussions for diet books and exercise regimens. Since nobody weighed anything it was very hard to see if you gained a pound or two or not. And, because everyone stopped dieting and drinking diet sodas the general populous became much thinner. This curious effect of non gravity is limited to in and around the planet Whimsy. Sir Isaac Neutron hopes to publish his reversal of the law of gravity on other planets but his English is abysmal and that limits his chances of publication.

Editor's note: Teaching Sir Isaac "Fig" Neutron English is not a crime on the planet Whimsy, however, it is punishable by death thoughout the Human Federation. I understand the Krrgassst have even more severe punishments if you were to teach him Krrgasstain.

If you would like to read Sir Isaac’s treatise in its original Whimsy click here. Oh, that always makes me feel light headed.

To overcome the lack of gravity women on Whimsy often wear magnetic shoes (see illustration)

These shoes are very popular and most women feel that they give them a longer silhouette. Of course the drawback of magnetic shoes is that you can only walk on metallic surfaces. This doesn't faze Whimsy women since they like to be driven from place to place.

(see illustration).

Which brings us to driving on Whimsy. It is best describe as an exercise in contortionism. Only the fittest and most flexible among the population drive. One good thing is it is fairly hard to put any kind of pressure on the accelerator hence there aren't many tickets issued for speeding and fast and crazy drivers are a rarity. Recently Sir Isaac was once again quietly sitting under a tree when he was hit on the head with a PC. He has been working ever since on his paper:


But he can't seem to get all the bugs out. Which I understand is perfectly normal with a PC. But enough on the scientific breakthroughs on Whimsy, what everyone wants to talk about is the food. For example the sauté sea slugs harvested from the 6th moon are truly out of this world.

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