A Short Space Opera
Before acting out this skit you may want to take the vocabulary quiz that accompanies this exercise.
On board the Federation Starship Enterprise:  Opening scene Dr. Macoy is alone on the bridge or conn.

Mccoy: Star date:   (Make up a series of numbers)  the crew of the Enterprise is reading itself for an ordeal that I'm sure will be trying: a Starfleet training mission. Below us on Earth, Mr Spock and Capt. Kirk are attending a conference at Federation Headquarters, which makes them unable to supervise the new graduates. At least I'm not alone in this endeavour, Uhura, Scotty, Sulu and Checkov are with me and you couldn't ask for better instructors than that.

Dr McCoy  is joined on the bridge by Uhura, Sulu and Checkov. Uhura is at her communication post. Sulu and Checkov are seated side by side at the helm, where there are the navagation and weapon controls.

Uhura: Doctor McCoy, the graduates are requesting permission to board.

Back on Earth there are two starfleet interns, one Human , one Vulcan, waiting to teleport up to the Enterprize.

Student Science Officer : We are ready down here, Captain !
Commander in Training : Beam us up, Scotty.

McCoy: Medical log supplemental, now we'll see how these graduate respond to real training.
The ship's engineering officer Scotty meets the young officers as they appear on the Starship.

Scotty: welcome aboard the Enterprise... Graduates you are expected on the  bridge.

McCoy: Now that our new captain and his fellow graduates are on the bridge, I can feel my nervous stomach acting up. I have to keep reminding myself that it is only a training mission.
The two training officers take their places on the bridge: Student Science Office at the science and sensors desk and the Commander in Training sitting in the captain's chair.

Commander in Training : I am Captain (Insert your name), I am pleased to serve as your commander.
Student Science Officer : I am science officer (Insert your name), reporting for duty.
McCoy: Just what we need, another Vulcan.
Commander in Training :  Mr Sulu, ahead warp factor one.
Sulu: Aye, Captain !
Suddenly a warning sound and image appear on the main screen of the Enterprise.
There is a vessel approaching.
Sulu: It's a Federation ship.
Uhura: Sir, they are not responding to our communications.
Student Science Officer :  They either can't or won't.
McCoy: Very insightful.

Meanwhile on board the Klingon vessel we see the Klingon commander sitting on his chair and several of his crew.
Krull: Ah ! The enterprise, Kirk is on that ship, I can feel it  !  He spreads his hands wide as if to grasp the other vessel.
Lieutenant: Enterprise targeted Sir !
Krull: Prepare to fire.

Back on the  Enterprise:
Sulu: They are raising shields
Checkov: They're locking phasers sir.
Commander in Training : Raise shields, tout-de-suite !

Krull: FIRE  FIRE !!
We see the phasers emit from the Klingon ship . On the deck of the Enterprise crewmembers are thrown back and forth and the spacecraft tilts left then right. Krull & his Lieutenant laugh maniacly .

Commander in Training : Scotty, damage report  !
Scotty: They knew right where to hit us, captain, we are dead on the water!
Suddenly on the main screen appears
Krull: Greeting Enterprise, I am Krull! I want you captain Kirk!...Wait You're not Kirk
Commander in Training : No, but I am the Captain !
Krull : You, captain ? Ha ha ha ! Do not try my patience. Where is Kirk ?
Commander in Training :(obviously lying) Kirk ? Ah, Kirk, he's on the planet Gamma 4 in that star system.
Krull : You will beam yourself and one other crew member aboard my ship. Then you'll accompany my warriors down to that planet surface and be warned : if I don't find Kirk, I'll blow your ship  across the galaxy.

Mc Coy : What in blazes are you two doing ?
Commander in Training : Mr Checkov, you have the command. We're beaming over.

On board the Klingon vessel
Computer: scanning enterprise now.  On the klingon screen appears:
Checkov : What is the captain doing ?
Sulu : I don't know I thought Kirk was at federation headquarters.
Krull appears on the screen of the Enterprise.  Next to him are the two training  cadets who had beamed over.
Krull : Enterprise, so Captain Kirk is in fact at Federation headquarters, good !
First, I'm going to kill this would-be captain with my bare hands, and then I'm going to destroy Kirk and Federation headquarters.

Commander in Training : Not while I'm holding this photon detonator. (The large ball in his hand begins ominously beeping.)
Krull : What !
Student Science Officer : One minute and counting : 59, 58, 57
McCoy : Krull, give me your co-ordinates and I'll beam you to the Enterprise!
Uhura : priority message from Federation headquarters. It's Captain Kirk.
Mc Coy : Put him through. Jim !
Kirk : Bones, the conference is over and it seems we have made some progress. The Klingons have agreed to a cease fire.
Checkov : Detonation in thirty seconds, Sir.
Mc Coy : Your timing is as good as ever Jim.
Kirk : Bones, what's going on there ?
Mc Coy : No time to explain, Enterprise out. Put me on screen : Krull, you have to listen to me! Your people have signed a cease fire agreement with the Federation.
Krull : What another ploy ?
Mc Coy : What?  You have to believe me, beam aboard the Enterprise, before it's too late !
Sulu : 15 seconds
Lieutenant: These aliens speak the truth, trust them !
Krull : NO  !
Mc Coy : I need those co-ordinates now !
Lieutenant: Transmitting co-ordinates, now
Krull : No !  Krull his entire crew and the new graduates are beamed over to the starship. Later :

Mc Coy : The ship, it didn't blow, but what about the photon detonation ?
Commander in Training  : It's not real it's just a gag gift from a friend
Student Science Officer : Not regulation, captain, but effective.
Mc Coy : Well, I'll be... Medical log supplemental.
The Starfleet graduates have certainly proved themselves far better than I could have possibly imagined. The Federation has reached an agreement with the Klingons that will hopefully in time mature into a peace treaty. Krull will be turned over to a Klingon military courts for sentencing. All in all I'd say this mission was a complete success.
Well Captain, what now ?
Commander in Training : Mr Sulu, ahead warp factor one.
Student Science Officer : Sounds logical to me
Sulu : Aye Captain

The Obligatory Disclaimer:
For lo, the Deity Paramount doth own these characters;
I do but frolic briefly with them in their playground.