These are my questions :

How we can product engines or devices that can will go into arteries?
How we can assemble atoms or molecules in order to create miniature structures ?
How we can use the quantum physics?

Cédric Sola

My questions are about  Science Fiction

Why does science fiction  often involve new technologies?
For example, in Frankenstein the idea of creating a monster was derived
involving the galavanism.

In which example the science fiction has become the reality?
For example, selecting the best race by using the crossing of genes.
These theme is raised in the film :"welcome to gataca"

My question may be : how has the debarquement changed the way of making war ?
I have bought a book this week-end about this subject.

Pierre-François Behaghel 

Hello , it's Arnaud
It is about the dossier I must write . The subject is the stealth bomber
. The questions I ask me :
How can the planes reduce :
- their infrared signatures
- their acoustic signatures
- the electromagnetic signatures
- their visual signatures
- their radar signatures
Low observabitility became from a combination of this things .

I will observe the applications of this methodes of stealthness on the
future bombers as the raptor , the JSF ,...
Stealth bomber already exist but there are not perfect : the B2 and the
F-117 ; I will explain their defaults .

This is the programme of my dossier .

I think I will use your idea (so my new subject is "The new revolution
is the emergence of informatic") and try to answer to the following
_ what changed with the computer
_ what can we make today with our PC
_ what is our future whith informatic

(big program in perspective ...)

my questions about the solar system are : how has the solar system been
created , its evolution and  how has the earth been created, its evolution
, its position in the solar system, how will the earth be in one thousand
years , two thousands years... will the earth dead one day ?
for this thema, I have already a magazine about the stars and I also
that the internet sites you give me will help me. I will look after other
sites in the net.


my subject could be the photography but I haven't found a lot of
interesting web pages. Could you give me some examples of interesting
thank you for your answer.

Marchal Samuel.