Alumni Page
This is where you can see some of my former students and what they are doing now

Christophe MORTIER Note his new (and eternal) e-mail  adress :

I am a java-programer in LEIRIOS, the leader of automated test generation. Their  product, Leirios Test Generetor, allows you to test your software or other systems.
Starting from a model written either in B or in UML (with a tool like Borland Together), LTG can generate extensive, but smart tests, which cover all state of your system.
The benefit from hand-written tests are both in the resulting occurency of tests, and also in the gain of time.
Automatising test generation is a new idea, and it is today used mainly in smartcard industry. But no doubt it well soon be used in the production of every software. We begin to test LTG with LTG.
Tests can then be exported flexibly (to C, java, or whatever your device needs) and executed to your target system.
LTG fully integrates in your test generation chain.
Not only LTG is powerfull, it also is well designed, and easy to use.
for all questions about jobs you can find after computer course in EMSE, or if you have problems with Java,  write to :


The beautiful and mysterious yzabell has her own website:
 yzabell's lois bujold site
Dedicated to the beloved scifi author Lois Bujold., as well as books, music, television series, animation, current events. Now she promises to make this site worth visiting often.
I'll put yzabell's new  e-mail here as soon as she sends it to me.