1.  Hi, this is (your name) 's Pizza Shack.
 How can we help you?

2. Do you want it delivered?
    If yes go to number 3.  (If no go to directly to number 4.)
3. What is your name?
  What is your address?

 What is your telephone number? -___ ___ ___ ___

 4. What is your name and phone number?
_______________________     ___ ___ ___ ___

 5. How many pizzas do you want?
7.How many toppings? We have a special price today three toppings for the price of one.  Our one topping price is $3.50 for a small, $4.50 or a medium and $5.50 for a large. Normally it's fifty cents more for each topping.

6. What size or sizes?  (small, medium, or large)

 Topping list:
pepperoni            mushroom        anchovies     extra-cheese
onions                 sausage             egg               bacon
peppers               hamburger          ham               black olives

 8. Okay that will be $_____________ for   (number of pizzas, sizes, and toppings.)

8a. Okay, we will be at your house in three quarters of an hour.Please have $________ ready for the delivery boy

8b. Okay, that will be ready to pick-up in twenty minutes please be ready to pay $_____________ by cash or check only.

As a Customer you are
Richard Stallman      who lives at 136 Liberty Bell Road
Marshfield Massachusetts            telephone:  area code 781 837-02925
You ordered three large subs ( each with at least one extra) You must pay_____________