The Top Ten Dossier (or Term Paper) Subjects Never Submitted
(apparently for reasons diverse)
1. Rock and Roll and Why I Will Quit the School to Go on Tour.
      Introduction: Me and My Guitar or why no one sleeps well at in the dormitories
      A Cost Analysis. How to encourage groupies. Roadies and you...
2. My English Teacher and My Magnificent Maniacal Obsession
      How it all started. Methods of slow and painful deaths. How I plan to...
3. Bombs, Explosive Devices, Paramilitary Killing Techniques as Found on the Web
      Real demonstrations (protective clothing mandatory) SpatterProof screens optional
      Career choices: money and be a mercenary or support a cause be a fanatic?
      And (of course) in conclusion a short discourse on why all of this is really bad.
4. Why is Sex Fun? From an Engineer's Point of View.
      Why spend so much time on it? How many "sexes are there?" Women: what do...
5. Illegal Drugs: a Personal Exploration of Drugs at the Dorm.
      What to try first. Who to see at the school. Do I need a mentor?
      What music goes best with what illicit substance
      Yes in the great English literary tradition of  Samuel Coleridge and Timothy Leary...
6. How to Be a Software Pirate for Fun and Profit
      Learning your way around the chat rooms. Where to find clients. Money transfers.
      Can hacking help? Who's watching you...
7. Tattoos and Piercing: a Practical Course
      How not to die from poisoning or toxic shock. Japanese vs Western Tattoos.
      Live demos: Jailhouse tattoo techniques that you can do at home.
      Which piercing or tattoos will shock and outrage your parents the most.
      (Sissies and the faint hearted need not come to the oral)
8. How My Pornographic Website Made Me a Millionaire.
       Right, the inside scoop: Why make the site sticky? Know your customers.
       How to choose the pictures, raunchy or soft porn...
9. Going Without Sleep: a Private Account
        Day One the easiest phase. The risks of too much coffee.
        Hallucinations and school work or why this may help in advance Physics or
        Programing Classes...
10. Getting an Internship in the Russian Mafia
        The real Capitalism! The small arms of choice. The list of Russian swear words.
        Your cell phone and your life expectancy...

 Yet each year our students submit boring stuffy subjects. Every year, professors lament the lack of a personalized touch in these reports, calling them too scholastic or even accusing the student of purposely trying to put the teachers to sleep during the orals. Obviously it does not have to be this way.

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