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                                  Embarrassing English
Perhaps it would be better to title this page improper or slightly impolite English. A scatological exploration of the English language. Learn the words that the textbooks leave out.Yes, finally  everyday  common words that will never appear on the TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT, or LSAT!
Try to match the items or the phrases with word best suited:

1. Carbonated Beverage
A.  Fart
B. Burp
C. Sweat
D. Poop
2. Air Freshener
A . Sneeze
B.  Hiccups
C.  Dandruff
D.  Fart
3.  Deodorant or underarm spray
A.  Sweat
B.  Poop
C.  Chew
D.  Hiccups
4. Mouthwash
A. Snot
B. Hiccups
C. Sneeze
D. Bad Breath or Halitosis
5. Itching Powder
A. Scratch
B. Cough (koff)
C. Hiccups
D. Bad Breath or Halitosis
6.  Kleenex or handkerchef
A.  Scratch
B.  Blush
C.  Snot
D.  Dandruff
7.  Head & Shoulders
A.  Snot
B.  Hiccups 
C.  Chew
D.  Dandruff
8. Toilet Paper
A.  Poop
B.  Burp
C.  Scratch
D.  Sweat
9. Red as a beet or tomato
A.  Burp
C.  Blush
D.  Sniffles
10. With your mouth open
A.  Poop
B.  Chew
C.  Dandruff
D.  Blush

 Post Script: The Top score is 100 %
 Fun Facts
Did you know that you can't sneeze with your eyes open?
Kleenex was originally produced as bandages during World War I. After the war someone came up with the idea of using the
as tissue paper. 

Suggested Reading:
Translated by Amanda M. Stinchecum
The Gas We Pass: The story of farts
.by Shinta Cho,
The Holes In Your Nose by Genichiro Yagyu (translated by Amanda Mayer Stinchecum)
Everybody Poops by Taro Gomi,

A CURE FOR DANDRUFF! It is terrible to suffer from this dreaded affliction.

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