Halloween Quiz

1. I'm not always hirsute (hairy), but it's always a hoot, to be with me on a full moon,
you can call me ______________________. The Wolfman

2. A creepy place to go when your life has gone that rhymes with whipped is a ______________. A Crypt

3. I'm rather anemic and would be partial to drinking you dry, who am I? ___________. Dracula or a vampire

4. Wrap me up in bandages, put me in a dry place and I'll keep for millenniums my moniker is ______________.
the mummy
5. What is a voluptuous female alien to do when all she likes to drink is warm and red _______________.
6. Give me a hockey mask and an axe and I'm ready to play, my handle is  ____________. Jason

7.  I'm ready Freddie, my fingers are hypodermics, you know me well, just my last name will do _____________

and by the way,  what's my movie? Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street

8. We're spooky, and kooky, mysterious and ooky we're ______________. The Adams Family

9. I'm a big orange pumpkin that's had its innards maliciously carved out hence I'm called

_____________________________ Jack o' Lantern

10. An arm here, an eye there, sew me up and what have you got? _________________ Frankenstein

11. Don't stay at my hotel especially when I'm feeling a little motherly. ______________ Norman Bates

12. I'm a teenage witch as well as a film staring Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn ___________ Sabrina 13

13. I'm big, I'm strong but not too bright and Harry Potter stuck his wand up my nose. ______________
an ogre or a troll

How's your Halloween Vocabulary give me at least one synomym
barrows graveyard
monument or marker
head, grave,tomb,stone 
make up
Ghost Specter
a dead body, cadaver, corpse
an eater of dead bodies
cry yell shriek
masquerade getup disguise
grave or mausoleum
burial-chamber tomb crypt vault
Bonus Questions
I am quite dead, however I can be led... by you if you know a little voodoo.
__________________.Zombie, living dead
(fill in the blank)
The spector ______ the castle for years. Haunted