Chapter Two: The Vanishing Glass

1. How many years had gone by since the Dursley found their nephew on their doorstep?

2. On their mantle and throughout their house when Harry first arrived where numerous
photos of what appeared to be a large pink beach ball wearing clothes. Who were those pictures of?

3. What odd thing does Harry Potter dream about?

4. When our hero gets up he has a house hold chore to do... What is it?

5.  It's Dudley's birthday and he confronted with 37 gifts when he wakes up that morning so
why is he angry?

6. Uncle Vernon warns Harry "any funny business... and you'll be in that cupboard till Christmas!
What sort of stange things happen arround Harry?

7. Speaking of bizzare events : What happened to Mrs Figg?

8. This is too easy: where is the "Family" going today?

9. What is a Knickerbocker Glory? Moreover who got to eat one at the restaraunt?

10. Harry found the largest snake in the reptile house fast asleep. When the Boa constrictor
did wake up what was the something surprising thing that he did?

11. Again this poser shouldn't be too arduous: What appaling thing happend to Dudley?

12. As the boa constrictor was leaving he mentioned a destination and then hissed "Thanks amigo"
to Harry. What was the intent or objective of his rather ambitious trip?

Bonus Question Uncle Vernon chuckles... what is a synonym for chuckle?

Teacher's Notes