Murder Suspect: Helen Lake
Victim: George Flowers
Inspector: You

Transcript of Helen Lake's Statement to the Police:
"Inspector, I had just finished shopping. I picked up A great deal of groceries at Carrefour and
was on my way home when I saw George walking on the side of the road.
Naturally, I stopped and offered him a ride. He is the son of one of my colleagues at EM-Lyon.
He is a young studious boy, very conscientious, and usually very polite.
Now I knew that he was to take his test for his driving licence soon... and well, I offered to exchange places with him to let him drive. He said "great" or something like that.
We practiced driving all around Ecully.We also talked about many things during this drive and one thing led to another and the conversation turned to my relation with his father, Chris Flowers. I'm afraid it got rather tense.He was actually screaming at me. I got mixed up. I know it was my car but I was so infuriated that
at the light I stomped out of the car and slammed the door. He sped off and I assume that it was soon after that he lost control and fell off the cliff. Near EM-Lyon there are a lot of very narrow roads and even an experienced driver could have problems.
It is such a terrible tragedy."

At the Scene of the Accident:
George is discovered in the driver's seat. A large wad of gum in his mouth.
Likely cause of death is a traumatic blow to the head consistent with the
severity of the crash.
The car is banged up pretty bad. In the interior are found several gum wrappers
and nothing else. The automobile is impeccably clean.
The surprisingly the windows are unbroken with just a recent inspection sticker on them.
There is nothing to indicate that the car is anything other
than that of a woman in her mid twenties who likes things to be neat.

You immediately confront Helen Lake. Why?