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 Courtroom Vocabulary:

1. When asked "Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?"
 Bill Clinton replied:
A . Yes
B . I do
C . Well most of the time anyway
D.  Could you repeat the question?

2. True or false: "Objection: the prosecution is Leading the Witness"
means to put words or ideas in the mind of someone who is testifying.
A. True
B. False

3. When a Judge disagrees with a lawyer's objection he or she says:
A. Overindulged!
B. Sustained!
C. Overruled!
D. Subverted!

4.  To open a court session the Bailiff says:
A. Fiddle dee dee you all stand like me!
B. Hear ye, hear ye, all rise, the court is now in session
C. Here come the judge, hear come the judge
D. Stardate 2503

5. The judge is addressed as:
A. "Your Holiness"
B. "The Judge"
C. "Your Majesty"
D. "Your Honor"
E. "Mr. or Mrs.

6.  "Objection: the defense is Badgering the Witness"
means to:
A. Embarrass the witness
B  Accusing the witness of lying
C. Ask the same question over and over again
D. assault and batter witness

7. Nicolas, the prosecuting attorney puts  Olivier in the witness stand and asks Olivier to recount what Elisa told him about what she had seen Myriam do on the night of the murder. Alan the defense lawyer should cry out: " Objection __________."

A. Irrelevant!
B. Pure Conjecture!
C. Malarkey !
D. Hearsay!

8. At the beginning of the proceedings the judge always says to defense :
A. Would you like to cut a deal?
B. How do you plead?
C . Is there anything that you would like to say before we begin?
D. This judge will accept bribes if they are sufficiently large enough.

9. To control a courtroom and a trial the judge can threaten someone with Contempt of Court.
Which of these punishments is no longer applicable to Contempt of Court?
A.  Fines
B. Imprisonment
C. Debarment (for lawyers only)
D. Exile

10. A defendant awaiting trial can sometimes put up money or other security and be allowed
to leave the jail while awaiting trial. This is called being out on:
A. Parole
B. Probation
C. Bail
D. Verdict Deferred

(Fill in the blanks)

11. If you lie under oath it is called committing .

12. The leader of the jury is called .

13. The defense attorney refer to the accused as his or her.

14. The jury is normally addressed as.

15. Before the conclusion of a trial the suspect is always presumed .

16. If you don't want to incriminate yourself and you are on the witness stand then you can

You'll get the answers to the last six questions only if you have answered the first ten correctly.


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