Criminal Acts
Find one person  in the room who has or knows how to:
Pick a lock
(Open a lock without a key)
Shoplifted Cheated on your 
boyfriend or girlfriend
 Told the truth when it might get you punished or even hurt Read Pornography 
or been to an internet sex site
Cheated at Cards
Lied to his or her mother Pretended you were sick when you were not Littered
(discarded rubbish carelessly)
Exceeded the speed limit by at least thirty kph Often Tailgates
(follows another car too closely)
Been in court as the accused
Ran a stop light Smoked in a non smoking area done some
Busking(Played music  basket or  instrument case open for money)
Ran away from home when he or she was little Sprayed Graffitti 
used a perscription drug illegally
(To cross a street illegally or in a reckless manner)
drank food or ate in a classroom taped a movie
that you rented from
a video store
Killed an animal Revealed someone elses's secret Visited a communist 
or former communist country
punched someone in a fist fight sculpted or carved 
your intials or a message in a public 
Used an illegal 
(steal from someone's pockets.)
(beg for money on the street)
gambled when and where it was illegal Tresspassed
(to enter onto another's land wrongfully)
Damaged slightly a 
parked car and didn't leave a note
Caused a public 
disturbance in the name of a cause
rode on a bus or
subway without paying or with an incorrect fare
Then write their name in the square and move on to another person.
 Now that the grid has at least one name in each square  form a circle. We are going to see how much in common we all have. As each category is named step into the circle if you know how to or have done these things.

You know what the theme is, so what kind of subjects would you have put in the grid?