Will You Answer a Few Questions Here or
Would You Rather Go to the Precinct?
The Murders in the Rue Morgue
by Edgar Allen Poe

1. In what sort of financial state was C. August Dupin when the author met him?

2. Name some of the things that the author and M. Dupin share.

3. Does have M. Dupin have a "talent" and who does he remind you of?

4. Describe what happened on the 4th floor of a house on the Rue Morgue
and why was it grotesque?

5. Why wasn't the gold stolen from the appartement?

6. By the way, who was murdered?

7. How many voices were heard by the gendarme Isidore Muset and others?

9. These voices spoke in what language or languages?

10. Why is it significant that all the doors were locked from the inside and that
all the windows were nailed shut?

11. What does M. Dupin think of the Parisian Police?

12. Did Mademoiselle L'Espanaye commit suicide? Why or why not?

13. The police missed an exit to the scene of the crime, where and why?

14. What is the occupation of the man who answered the newspaper ad?