The Roundtable Game
Submitted by Jad CHAMIE
The actors:
- The master of the game: (usually the professor)
- The detective: a  hapless student
- The murderer: another student
- The witnesses: everyone else in the  the classroom

How it works

 Step one:     The master  chooses the  detective from amongst the students in the room.

2)   Said detective leaves the room.

3)  The murderer is chosen, all of the students must be aware of who is the killer.
You may even have the "killer" act out the crime and leave the victim (another student) on
the floor or laid out on a table.This allows you to work on the rather macabre vocabulary
of a crime or murder scene. It also allows the student to send the detective off on a red
herring since how the victim died is not as important as what the killer looks like.
Having the victim still there injects some humor into the situation as well.
(Hint: in choosing the murderer try to avoid someone dressed
too distinctly or the only redhead in class)

4) The detective comes back into the classroom. The detective is told that these are the
witnesses of the crime and that one among them is the murderer.
The detective  is limited to one round of questions hence the name the roundtable game.
He or she has one question per student and even harder, can NOT as the same question
5) The witnesses must answer with a either a yes or a no and must tell the truth. Except
for the murderer who can lie.
6) The detective will win if he finds the murderer before asking the last question.
The murderer wins if the detective identifies the wrong person, asks the
same question twice, or runs out of questions.