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A Quiz Based on the book "Management of the Absurd"
By Richard Farson

"The opposite of a profound truth is also true!"

1. Big changes in an organization are a lot harder to make than small ones.
true false

2. .The more a firm communicates the less it communicates.
true false

3. Every act of a manager is political: either to redistrubute or reinforce power, wheither to build a handicapped ramp or direct most of the conversation in a meeting to the men present as opposed to the women.
true false

4. Organizations that need help the most will profit the least from that help.
true false

5. Once you find a management process or technique that works try to improve it.
true false

6. Technology creates the opposite of its intended purposes.
true false

7. Most of what we remember from grade school is to: sit still, raise our hands, wait in line, obey authority, and ask permission.
true false

8.Nothing is as visable as the obvious.
true false

9. The better things are the worse they feel. Complaints and even strikes are signs of good working conditions.
true false

10. An effective manager is in total control.
true false



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Ecole des Mines
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