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Banking Vocabulary Quiz

It might be prudent to look at the Banking  definitions first.

Fill in the blanks choosing the best word possible.

1.  For most transactions you may use the ATMs conveniently located at the entrance, however if you prefer: our ___________ are available from
 8 am to 9 pm daily Monday through Saturday.
A. bank guards
B. receptionists
C. secretaries
D. tellers
E.  cashiers

2. "We are thinking of buying a house and I would like to talk to a _________  ."
A. borrowing guy
B. credit person
C. loan officer
D. checking supervisor
E. debt department

3.  Mythic Bank regrets to inform you that your account is  ____________  to the tune of  $1,500. (continued in question 4)
A. under estimated
B. overdrawn
C. illegally deposed
D. credited
E. debited

4. Please ________ this sum in your checking account as soon as possible to resume the use of your credit card.

A. withdraw
B. declare
C. abjure
D. put off
E. deposit

5.  "After examining you pay stubs I feel sure that your  _____________ is more than sufficient to qualify you for this mortgage.(continued in question 6)

A. job
B. profit
C. income
D. derivatives
E.  jackpot
6.  However, we are obliged to run a credit check to see if you have any outstanding   _______  . It is only a formality.
A. debts
B. junk bonds
C. by-products
D. fixed exchanges
E.  letters of credit

7. My husband would like to remodel the kitchen so I would like to  _______ $20,000 for a second mortgage on our house.
B. purloin
C. loot
D. borrow
E. lend

8. I understand that you were abroad this month. Let's see what we can do.... The payment was due  yesterday. Would you mind ___________ the check to Monday? That way you will avoid any late penalties.
A. forwarding
B. backdating
C. depositing
D. withdrawing
E. signing

9. We do need a notary  for this agreement to be finalized. However his _______  should be negligible
A. fees
B. utility
C. guarantee
D. issue price
E. placement

10. You will have to come back tomorrow since, for the moment, their refund check has not yet _____________
A. deposited
B. purported
C. cleared
D. rallied
E. optioned


Bonus Question: To tell means to make known; communicate by talking, etc.
Why would someone who works with money be called a teller?

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