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  Business Vocabulary: Biz Buzzwords

Check out the definitions here below and then take the following test
Askew:  not straight, off to one side:
awry or askance
Notice: 1. observe or perceive. 2. to alert someone, for example "to give notice means that you are to quit or leave your job soon (a period of time)
Boss: an employer, leader, master or manager Standstill: to be blocked or halted: a deadlock,
Downsizing  to reduce in number; cut back., recently this term has come to mean the triming of employees to make a firm more efficent. Tax Break: a deduction  or reduction in  taxes granted to encourage other activities in a society like philanthortropic donations or job creation etc.
Merger:  The union of two or more commercial interests. The fusion of two or more corporations by the transfer of all property to a single firm.
Layoff:  dismissing employees, often temporarily, a time of  forced  inactivity.
Shuttle: 1. a device (often wooden) used in weaving to transfer the thread from one side of the loom and back again. 2. Regular travel between two or more points, to go and return. 3. Any vehicle used to go back and forth
Outsourcing: procuring of products, services, expertise etc., for example: getting some of the parts used in manufacturing a airplane, from an outside supplier  in order to reduce costs.
Income: an amout of money or  monetary payments received fairly regularly
Receptionist: An office worker whose choice responsiblities are in greeting people and answering the telephones.
Flextime An agreement by which workers or employees may adjust their schedules, particularly at what time they arrive or leave work.
Janitor: a building caretaker or someone who tends to the maintence of a building , school, apartment house, etc.
Choose the best answer
1.  Layoffs are usually associated with:
A. Tax Breaks
B. Outsourcing
C. Receiving
D. Downsizing
E. Standstills

2. When two companies agree to combine and become one firm this is called a:
A. Outsourcing
B. Merger
C. Downsizing
D. Noticing
E. Flextime

3.  The person who welcomes clients, mans the front desk, and answers calls is the
A. Boss
B. Janitor
C. Assisstant Manager
D. Stenographer
E. Receptionist

4. Choosing to pay another company to provide services like cleaning, security, or web hosting etc.
rather than providing those services from inhouse is called
A. Outsourcing
B. Benchmarking
C. Merger
D. Janitoring
E. Tax Breaking

5.  Pierre Eric claimed he was married with five kids, handicapped, and self employed in order to get

A. Outsource
B. Downsize
C. Tax Break
D. Shuttle
E.  Promotion
                       Choose the word that best replaces the underlined word.        
6.  Salaheddine has created a Middle East Think Tank to try to solve some of the problems of that troubled region.
His first order of business is to find some sources of  income for this new organization.
A. Funding
B. Warning
C. Mergering
D. Askewing
E. Promoting

7. Luc has decided to take some courses on the life and times of Edgar Allen Poe at Ecole Central so
he will have to go back and forth between Lyon and St Etienne.
A. Income
B. Warn
C. Shuttle
D. Askew
E. Boss

8. Laurent's dossier on the future of war has suddenly come to an impass.
B. Funding
C. Bossing
D. Shuttle
E. Alert

9. Sabine, how much notice will you need to organize a meeting on the future of health care at our firm?
A. Merging
B. Warning
C. Income
D. Flextime
E. Standstill

10. When Jordan wears a tie, it's always looks crooked..
A. Mergered
B. Outsourced
C. Laid off
D. Shuttled  
E. Askew


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